Sunday, October 14, 2012

NFL Pick 'Em Week 6

Recently I decided to abbreviate this to something similar we do for college hockey pick 'em. So I am going to do each week the 2 New York teams, the Pats(of course), and 3-4 other big games for that week. Doing each game is too boring esp for those Raiders vs Browns type of games. So as always aiming for perfection. Leggo!:

Colts vs Jets: I want the Colts to go on a tear and win 5-6 games straight for their head coach. Sadly that can start next week. Jets play better this week. Win by a TD.

Cowboys vs Ravens: some smart people on ESPN picked this as a Super Bowl match up. I didnt. Cowgirls suck. Ravens bring the defense this week and win comfortably.

Patriots vs Seahawks: Seahawks have a underrated defense, IMO, but the Pats offense looks too good when they give Welker the rock. Pats win by 2 TDs.

Giants vs 49ers: rematch of the NFC Champ game, should hold to the billing. 49ers will again have an upper hand with Giants from last year on their team plus they are home. Giants win this by a late FG.

Packers vs Texans: I wasnt impressed last week by the Texans. If the Jets could move the ball, the Pack can def move it. Packers will need to play better defense to win this game. I dont think they can. Texans play a smart gameplan and win.

Lions vs Eagles: Lions need this bad and Eagles need this bad too. Both QBs havent been impressive. Need fantasy points, Go Lions!

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