Sunday, October 21, 2012

NFL Week 7 Pick 'Em: Jets vs Pats Special Edition

Brady vs SanBow, The Hooded One vs Foot Sucker, Manigold vs Wilfork. Jets vs Pats. It always is a delight watching these games. The last few years all of the games have been good and exciting to watch. By now most of you know I am Jets fan and now you know Hatrick is a Jets fan too. The rest of the BSRS crew (FM, GW etc) are Pats fans. Somehow we all coexist (common good is BU Hockey). So as we do for College Hockey Pick 'Em I got the crew to give their predictions for the game.

MWW- Jets over Pats 24-21. Jets defense will struggle at first but pull together. Somehow a special teams play goes in the Jets favor and they gain a lead in 4th quater and hold on to the lead when Brady throws a pick to Cromartie (that's directed at GW).

HS- Jets over Pats of course, 27-24. Sanchez redeems himself and runs the 2-minute drill for the winning TD scored by Tebow playing fullback like he should have been his entire life.

GW- Pats over Jets 24-7. Jets ground game never gets going, Sanchize throws 2 picks, Brady terrorizes Antonio "how many kids do I have again" Cromartie.

 FM- Pats 35-24--Jets offense barely inept enough to not beat inept Pats passing defense.

So there you go. So thoughts on todays big game, AFC  East lead is on the line. As always aim to for perfection. 

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