Saturday, October 27, 2012

NFL Week 8 Pick 'Em

So last week I lost my one and only game. Oh well. I expect to hold serve later in the season against the Pats. Hopefully I could predict this weeks game better than I do in HE Pick 'Em. As always: aim for perfection.

  •  NYJ vs Miami: the Jets should've lost the first meeting between the teams. I expect Miami to play with a chip on their shoulder and win.
  •  Pats vs Rams: playing this game in LondonTown, and by the tweets from ESPN Pats beat reporter the Hooded One is taking this seriously by practicing in a parl across the street from hotel. Expect a close game. Pats win.
  •  NYG vs CowGirls: Eli is undefeated in the Girls in new home. Expect that to continue. Best road team I've ever seen. 
  •  Falcons vs Eagles: Got the Eagles in this one. I think I am just feeling the Andy Reid undefeated after bye week record.
  •  Saints vs. Broncos: I think while Peyton is having a slice of two from Papa Johns, Drew will put a number that Peyton can't match.
  •  Saints win. Cardinals vs. 49ers: I think the Cardinals have something to prove but am taking the SF. Extra: Tigers vs Giants (MLB): who cares? lowest tv ratings for a World Series since 1968. When does Spring Training start? 

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