Monday, November 26, 2012

Meme Monday: BC Week Edition

This week's Meme Monday comes to you as your Terriers prepare for the annual home and home against Boston College.  We've got a bunch of good ones for you this week, including a sizable amount of BC hate. Let's get it started!

First up, we have a new series that we like to call "Serious Terriers"

A few random ones in the middle...

Some love for everybody's favorite twitter creeps, BU Puck Slut

Perhaps my favorite meme of all time...

Next up, another new installment - Wade Megan and Matt O'Connor channeling their inner Ryan Gosling

And here's some old standbys to finish off this week's post.

And that'll do it! As always, submit all memes to our twitter or e-mail if you want to see them in future editions of Meme Mondays.

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