Monday, December 10, 2012

Meme Monday: Holiday Edition - UPDATED

[update 12/10 ~8pm - Kevin Hayes Home Alone memes added - HS]

Solid week for Terrier hockey. Last Monday, we checked in after GW's alleged (ie. term-paper-induced) hangover to find the Terriers having split a series with #1-ranked BC. Not the ideal outcome but still a satisfying win at home. BU went on the road Thursday to dethrone UNH, who had assumed the spot we forced BC to vacate. 2/3 against #1 ranked teams in one week is pretty damned good, and the boys wrapped up the semester by shutting out Maine at home.

I know it's only December 10th but next week is finals, when myself and GW will be too busy for this nonsense, and after that is Christmas Eve, where everyone will be too drunk and merry to make a post. So this might be the last Meme Monday for a little while. So that's why it's holiday-themed. I'm not clever or cultured enough to make meme jokes about Hannukah or Kwanzaa, so if that's a big deal to you, make something and tweet it @bsrs_blog you pussies.

Let us begin.

First, some holiday Terriers to get us in the mood:

And now, some revamped throwbacks:

And here's a little something because Texas Toast has some serious wheels:

Shoutout to our good friend and long-time friend of the blog, Jerry York, who had a chance to take the all-time NCAA coaching wins record with his 925th win on Friday night before Parker Milner blew it with 10.5 seconds left in the third period and BC ended up tying PC. HAHAHAHAHA

And a chirp at everyone's least favorite eight foot tall goon, Kevin Hayes. If you've never seen Home Alone, you won't get it and we can't be friends.

And now, the bread and butter of this week's memes: Santa-na and Christmas Terrier:



And remember, As always, submit all memes to our twitter or e-mail if you want to see them in future editions of Meme Mondays.


  1. Looks like that terrier Christmas ornament has two dicks.

    1. You're what the French call "A fucking moron"

  2. I remember the first time I saw a dog

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