Monday, December 10, 2012

Mister WorldWide Favorite Xmas Movies

So sorry for not posting NFL Pick Em this week people. I was running on little sleep and adrenaline this morning after my soccer team beat our heated rivals, kind of like BU vs BC. I decided that I want to help you all do really well on your finals, papers etc if you are still going to school. For us alumni, I guess watch it while you make cookies or something. Okay I really mean I want to help you procrastinate. So I decided to make a list of my Top 5 favorite Christmas Movies. So if you want to see which movies make my list, click the jump.

5. Elf- pure comedic gold in my opinion. Over the top Will Farrell, Zooey bringing the heat, and just something that really reminds me of the Christmas spirit.

4. Miracle on 34 Street- True Story: I was told Santa doesn't exist at age 5 (Side Note: Went to a BU vs BC game at Conte one year. A bunch of little kids started chanting at the BSRS crew and I, I got angry and yelled that Santa isn't real and the Easter Bunny is fake too). Within the next year or so I watched this movie with my dad whose a lawyer. I got me believing again in Santa because of the courtroom scene and USPS.

3. Holiday Inn- I watch this movie just because of the music. I grew up watching this in the kitchen with my dad making cookies. Watched this at least 1000 times and it has my favorite grown up Christmas Song: White Christmas (yes I know there is a White Christmas movie too).

2. Home Alone- Yes I wanted to be left alone while the family went out on a trip and defend my house from hoodlums just because of this movie. Also watch this movie with my family every year together. Cheesy? Yes. Oh Well.

1. It's A Wonderful Life- Dont argue. Just watch the whole movie.I watch it year round. Also watch it about a dozen times each year holiday season. George Bailey is one of the best characters ever in a movie.



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