Thursday, December 20, 2012

Rando Stuff Bout BU and the World Related/According to Us

So the music post isn't happening this week. The crew got lazy. GW and HTS have to study for finals, write papers, and finish off assignments. QQ is doing something. Maybe figuring out how he can go to Denver for free or something. Felizmiguel game through but just posting his music and mine isn't right. Once a crew, always a crew, if the crew sinks we all sink together. This post is just random stuff I find interesting dealing with BU, and other stuff. Hit the jump if you want to know what's happening.

  • The End of the World is Tomorrow: Supposedly according to Twitter at 6:11 AM EST tomorrow. So go on your phone put your alarm to wake you up at 6:12 AM EST, if you wake up yell out loud "Screw you Mayans!" roll over and hit the snooze button. 
  • Told You So
  • So a BU girl won Miss Universe last night, Olivia Culpo. That just shows we are awesome and get more credit for being a fine establishment.
  • If some of you haven't been following, BU is leading the research into concussions from contact sports, specifically football and hockey, in the nation. I find it very cool that we are getting written up on Yahoo!, SI Monday Morning Quaterback by Peter King (great column by the way) etc. Hopefully, our research can find a way to stop/cure(?)/find a way to reduce the problem of these concussions and head injuries from happening.
  • In other blog related news for those of who aren't on Twitter, Fear the Triangle will be ending at seasons end. I and the rest of the crew wish the best of luck to him and his family. 
  • If anyone is wondering about the NHL, yeah just stop. I just jumped on the I hate professional hockey bandwagon and I suggest you do the same. If somehow they get this resolved be part of the free Center Ice Movement. #FreeCenterIce
    • Update: Was just given this video- 
  • USA vs Sweden today in the World Juniors game at 12:30PM. Watch Grizz on the ice!
  • The True American Hero and BU alumni, Mike Eruzione, is going to be selling his 1980s USA hockey gear to help save money for his new grandchildren's future tuitions. Let's hope that they all love hockey and want to play for BU (Mens and Womens). #FullCircle 
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