Friday, December 28, 2012

Weekly Pick Em Week 11

Below are the first half standing as I sit ahead of FM by one game through 98 games played. HS and HWW sit 6.5 GB of me which is very doable with the high quantity of games left. Even GW could get back into as he is only 3 back in the loss column. He is kinda in trouble since he is 31 back in wins but that's only 17 games overall which is nothing over the course of the whole second half. Maybe we will see a new and improved GW in the second half. Maybe not. Raymundo is just going to stick with .510 winning percentage all year and see if it sticks.

QQ- 57-41(.582)
HS- 49-46 (.516)
MWW 49-46 (.516)
Ray 25-24 (.510)
GW  26-44 (.371)

Friday 12/28

Minnesota-Duluth vs. Maine (Florida College Classic- Estero,FL)

QQ- Duluth 4-2- Neither team had a good first half but Duluth seems to be bouncing back and are close to .500. Maine is just in chaos and can't score so I'm not picking them until they give me a reason to.
FM- Duluth 6-3
HS- Duluth 4-1- Maine is more worse than UMD, who is more better. This tournament is apparently the only one of seven this weekend with all four participating teams having made the Sweet 16 in last year's NCAA tourney. And according to USCHO they also have the lowest combined winning percentage at .443. Sucks to suck.
MWW-Duluth 3-1- Maine Sucks. MinniDuluth with the W
GW - Goddammit guys what did I say about picking Hockey East? Always pick HE out of conference!

Saturday 12/29

Princeton vs. Merrimack(Catamount Cup-Burlington,VT)

QQ- Merrimack 3-2- I think the Mack comes out hard after the break and takes care of business against an inferior Princeton team. Princeton will beat them if they play poorly though.
FM- Merrimack 3-1
HS- Merrimack 3-1- Warriors are rested and Princeton is probably tired from studying for classes that haven't started yet.
MWW- Merrimack 3-2- taking Merri since I know nothing about those smart people from NJ
GW - Merrimack 2-0

Ferris St./Cornell vs. Maine (Florida College Classic)

QQ- Ferris/Cornell 4-0- Both of these teams are far superior to Maine.
FM-Ferris/Cornell 4-1
HS- Ferris/Cornell 4-2-Obviously Maine is losing to whomever they play here.
MWW- Ferris/Cornell 4-1- anyone over Maine.

 BC vs Alabama-Huntsville ( Mariucci Classic- Minneapolis,MN)

QQ- UAH 3-2 OT- No Straight, No Gaudreau, No W. Sorry Jerry. Kyle Lasaght with the GW
FM- UAH 4-2- Tonight, we are all Charger fans
HS- UAH 3-2-Bama pulls the miracle upset, Jerry York plays zamboni flooding the ice with good Christian tears, and the rest of the country celebrates til the break of dawn. As soon as this game ends though, the state of Alabama can go fuck themselves (LET'S GO IRISH).
MWW- UAH 8-0 - yeah am taking flak for this but I am in it to win it. 4-2 BC..........Just Kidding FUCK BC 8-0 'Bama
GW - UAH 2-1. Always pick HE in OOC...unless the team in question is BC

 NU @ Harvard

QQ- Harvard 3-2-A nice preview for the consolation game of the Beanpot. That game will depend on who loses more players between now and then but for now I'm going with Harvard.
FM- Harvard 4-3
HS- Harvard 4-1- NU is such a bunch of misfits. Can't do anything right, even against a slightly depleted Harvard team.
MWW- NU 1-0- hahahahahahha
GW - NU 3-0

Union @ UVM(Catamount Cup)

QQ- Union 3-2- I want to pick UVM so bad but I don;t see Union dropping this one.
FM- Union 4-1
HS- Union 3-1- UVM is outmatched here, will lose their self-titled Cup.
MWW- Union 3-1- Union with the W since UVM sucks.
GW - UVM 2-1

BU @ Denver

QQ- BU 4-2- Big road win to start off the second half for the Terriers. OC with the W and Nieto has a multi-point game.
FM-BU 3-2
HS- BU 4-2- Nice OOC win for the Terriers to prime what should be a very impressive spring semester.
MWW- BU 4-3- BU with the huge W out of conference
GW- BU 5-1

Sunday 12/30

Bentley @ Lowell
QQ- Lowell 4-1- You can't lose to Bentley if you are a HE team, you just can't. The 4 people in attendance should enjoy this one.
FM- Lowell 2-0
HS- LOL 2-0- Even Lowell can't fuck this up.
MWW- Lowell 3-2 - Who is Bentley? Lowell should be able to handle them.
GW - Lowell 3-0

Bemidji St vs UMass(Ledyard Bank Classic- Hanover,NH)

QQ-UMass 4-2- They bounce back and get a W to start off the second half against the Beavers.
FM- UMass 4-3
HS- UMass 4-1- Bemidji having a rougher year than the Minutemen. Expect FightMass to enjoy watching this one.
MWW- UMass 4-3- UMass should be able to take the W. Think they can end up 5th in HE
GW - UMass 2-1

Union vs. Merrimack (Catamount Cup)

QQ -Union 3-2- Merrimack already beat them once this year.  It is tough to sweep an out of conference team twice in the same year.
FM- Union 3-1
HS- Union 3-2- I'll root for Merrimack for the PWR boost, but I'll do so expecting a Union win.
MWW- Merrimack 3-2- Merrihack should somehow win
GW - Merrimack 2-1

UNH @ Dartmouth

QQ- UNH 4-1- UNH is just too good for any ECAC team
FM- UNH 3-1
HS- UNH 4-1- who isn't ready to collapse just yet.
MWW- Dartmouth 3-2-Battle of NH? F*** UNH
GW - UNH 6-1

Princeton @ UVM
QQ- UVM 4-2- Go Cats Go!
FM-Princeton 3-1
HS- UVM 3-2 OT- Toughie here. They just much. Let's give it to the Cats. Hockey East 4 lyfe
MWW- UVM 3-1- UVM gets a win since I really don't know anything about Princeton
GW - UVM 2-0

BC @ Minnesota

QQ- Minnesota 4-2- It is just too easy with a short-handed BC team going to Mariucci. The Golden Gophers win this one. Too much talent with Rau and Bjustad. M-I-N-N-E-S-O-T-A Minnesota! Minnesota!
FM- Minny Mouse 6 #York924 - 3
HS- Minnesota 4-3- BC manages to get swept, is dehydrated from crying over their failure to beat Huntsville.
MWW- Minnesota 4-0- Minni will play up to their potential and take the W and fuck BC hard and long.
GW - Minnesota 5-1

Monday 12/31

Bemidji State/UMass vs UNH
QQ- UNH 3-1- They will win this tournament hands down.
FM- UNH 5-0
HS- UNH 4-1- UNH wins, even if it's against UMass.
MWW-UNH 3-1- DeSmith keeps the pucks out well enough to win,
GW - UNH 4-1

 Darmouth vs. UMass(if neccessary)

QQ- Dartmouth 3-1- UMass just isn't there yet and I think they struggle playing on New Year's eve cause its UMass and they like to party.
FM-Dartmouth 5-1
HS- UMass 3-2- who knows that they'll get blacked out that night either way, and will play like they have nothing to lose.
MWW- 3-1 MinuteMen
GW - 5-0 UMass


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