Monday, January 14, 2013

Meme Mondays: LOL Edition

Happy new year Terrier fans! Here's hoping you all had a great winter break. Classes resume this week but we've already had the opportunity to watch some great (and some not so great) college hockey. But this time is as good as any to welcome back a fan favorite feature of BSRS, Meme Mondays! Much thanks to the rest of BSRS in planning this edition while I was being run ragged at work.

This weekend, your Terriers will host back-to-back games against the Husky ladies from NorthLeastern and the What's-A-Riverhawks from Lowell. Considering the well-documented evidence against the relevance of Northeastern's hockey program and the pathetic state of their student support...

Not pictured: the legendary NU Truffle Shuffle
...this post is mainly going to focus on the asshole of the Hockey East: UMass LOL.

LowHell has been a major success story this season. After losing half their team in a tragic on-campus meth lab explosion, the Riverhawks have rebounded dramatically and even put together a modest winning streak over their last few games. But make no mistake, children. If the D.A.R.E. program taught me one thing, it's how to differentiate between low and high quality drugs. If the D.A.R.E. program taught me a second thing,it's that meth is one of the most destructive and caustic addictive substances on the streets.

With the ongoing recession, the UMass Lowell Hockey Booster Club has fallen on hard times.

Artoo sold C-3PO for parts in order to support his addiction.

Seen here, the effects of meth on relatively upstanding individuals in the Lowell area:

Kids, don't throw it all away. You might end up coaching the Riverhawks if you aren't careful.
Or even worse, the team captain.
Even mascots are vulnerable.
Seen here: A Lowell tailgating party:

So that should be fun. JUST SAY NO to Lowell this weekend. That goes double for our goaltenders. Those addicts will beg and plead for just one goal, just to light the lamp for a second to remember how it feels. Do not appease them. No mercy, or they'll never recover.

On to the actual memes! First, the new stuff. We start with Young Jack Parker. We weren't sure in what direction to take this meme but the BSRS gang unanimously agreed that Jackie Parker was a fucking G back in the day. Like you read about (on BSRS). Thus:

Phew, that was a lot. Coach was a goddamned baller, huh? And now for some more gems:

Followed by Introspective Maguire:

OC and Privy just chattin' it up during a game...

Here at BSRS we actually do research (sometimes) before we publish posts. And it's not always the easiest task. Our go-to search engine resource, Google, sometimes doesn't like to cooperate:


[re: BCS Championship Game]

PHEW! And that's all for now. As always, if you've got ideas for a meme feel free to submit it to our twitter or e-mail if you want to see them in future editions of Meme Mondays.