Wednesday, January 2, 2013

MWW's Story Time: Backside Attack

The year was 2009-10 season. The Baystate Road Sports crew and friends were going on one of the best road trips of the year: Conte Forum.

From the beginning: during Christmas break GW and QQ sent out an email about buying tickets to BU vs BC at the end of January. We all agreed and one of them bought the tickets. It was our first Newton-BU BSRS road game together (first ever was against NU at Matthews earlier that season).

 We all made multiple 'Gatorades' with the simple formula of 4 out, 4 in, non shaken. As we left the original home of the blog, a few of us decided to take a different route to Newton to avoid unnecessary and the usual stuffed sausage feeling on the B line heading to Newton. So we walked to South Campus and decided on taking the D Line from Fenway. When we got off the uneventful T ride, we ended up in the middle of nowhere. Accordingly, the person who thought of the plan said we just had to trespass through a country club and we'll be at the Outhouse on the Hill in no time. Amazingly we were all smart and decided to walk an extra few minutes to get to Newton without doing something illegal.

As we took our first steps in the most unholiest place in the New England area, we all realized that we were lost. None of us knew anything about the campus. We all had a general idea where it was and proceeded to walk that way. As we continue our walk, a statue emerged and seemed like a great place to take a piss. Luckily (or unluckily) a Newton employee stopped us before we attempted and asked us why we were here and do we know where we are going since we didn't fit in since we were all in our Scarlett and White and looked confused (everyone got hockey jerseys for the holidays). He happily gave us directions and we again went along our merry way. 

Next, we emerged on a random field and saw the disgusting forum in our sights. We decided to start the chants. On the other side of the field was a bunch of SuperFrauds that decided to try and out chant us. Therefore it seemed like a logical time and place to curse uncontrollably at them. And out of the dark night came the ACC 2nd team running back from Newton. He wasn't so happy about my yelling and said that he will kill me and the usual Sucks to BU. Obviously, I said bring it on (macho man here). Before any possible punches, ropes, shirts were used, one of the crew (pretty sure it was QuackQuack) came in and broke up the verbal argument. After the fight, we took a random flight of stairs to the forum and knew that we needed to backside attack the place since that's where the seats were. As soon as we saw the fuzz, we all finished our 'Gatorades' (some on their second, some were not). We entered the building much to the displeasure of the Newton fans. 

We all decided that we need to stick together cause 'Gatorade' does a number on you. As we watched the game in the forum that was built for basketball but now for hockey & basketball. Some of us decided to directly and indirectly do certain things that could've gotten us into another fight either verbal or nonverbal. By good fortune, nothing came out of it. As the game went along, it went into OT and won by Colby Cohen.

Since the game gave us sometime to recollect our thoughts from the 'Gatorade', we decided not to go long way again and just follow the masses to the stop for the BOSTON UNIVERSITY LINE. As we left the building we were obviously high on the win and started yelling at random people and anyone that gave us good material to us against them. I remember most of the comments but none should be spoken about since I do not want offend any of our readers. The rest of the trip went off without a hitch and we got home safely. 

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