Thursday, January 17, 2013

Weekly Pick Em

QQ 76-58(.564) 5-4
FM 69-55(.556) N/A
MWW 70-60(.538) 4-5
HS 65-56(.537) N/A
GW 46-59(.438) 5-4
Ray 25-24(.510) N/A

Friday 1/18

Merrimack @ Maine

QQ- Merrimack 4-2- Merrimack is coming off a 6-0 trouncing of the Black Bears at home. I see this being a closer game but still no dice for Maine.
FM- Merrimack 3-2- unfortunately Mercyhurst only comes to Orono once a year.
MWW- Merrimack 4-2- Bigos & Diamond will both get majors called on them but Merri wins almost by default
HS - Merrimack 3-2 - Hack bent the Black Bears over the boards at Lawler in their last meeting but won't have such an easy game this time. It is Orono, after all. But Maine still can't get their legs under them and may not find consistency at all this season.
GW - Merrimack 3-1- These teams both suck


QQ- BU 3-2- BU and NU always play close games no matter how crappy NU may play at times this year. They have some decent forwards and if(huge IF) Rawlings shows up, they can be tough to beat.
FM- BU 4-1- Terriers dominate the throwback throwdown, officially make the Rhett head jerseys a regular like BC did with the urine colored Rangers knockoffs last year, wearing them as they celebrate a Frozen Four championship
MWW- BU 8-0- red n black, red n black NU girls got the clap!
HS - BU 9-0 - Price is right rules and all that, I'm one-upping MWW. Vinny Sap will get checked into glass and shatter it again, but with his head this time instead of his skate. Also, I am going to wear the giveaway jersey every day for the rest of my life and then at my funeral.
GW - BU 4-0- Please God let Vinny eat shit on the ice

UMass @ BC

QQ- UMass 3-2- UMass doesn't have a chance realistically with BC coming off a loss and at home but I refuse to pick BC
FM- BC 5-1- Solely because Toot picked the wrong Pereira.  A mistake that will haunt the program for years to come
MWW- BC 4-2- somehow BC wins and set their 'eyes' on Saturdays game
HS - BC 3-2 - BC has 3 wins in their last 8 games, which amuses me. That being said, it's still just UMass and with Conte quieter than the library of a Tibetan monastery (or Jerry York's bedroom), the Minutemen won't be fired up enough to topple the Eaglets.
GW - UMass 5-1- The BC killer aka Mike Pereira will be in fine form for this one.

Saturday 1/19


QQ- NU 3-2- They beat them at home in October and they will beat them at home again!
FM- BC 5-3- like Toot, NU's staff made the terrible mistake of bringing in the wrong Scandinavian.  Oksanen > Karlsson
MWW- Tie 4-4-Sap and Milner get in a fight and Milner gets the hook. Chicken is thrown and hits York in the other eye and nobody wins
HS - NU (mercy rule) - The Huskies are going to so thoroughly dominate the Eagles that new NCAA rules will be instituted in realtime, making this game both memorable and historic. Milner gets pulled in the 7th minute after giving up his 5th goal. Barone and Billett are chased out of net by the middle of the 2nd period. Jerry York plays goal for the rest of the period and gives every Husky player a natural hat trick (including Rawlings) because he no longer has any fucking depth perception and is feebler than King Edward I on his deathbed. Brad Bates frantically calls Mark Emmert at home to beg that the NCAA insitute a Mercy Rule in D1 college hockey. Emmert accepts on the condition that BC changes its legal name to Newton/Chestnut Hill College and the game ends 2:41 into the 3rd,  crushing the dream of @BCHockeyBlog, who was JUST about to step onto the ice in borrowed goalie pads and a XXXXXL Superfan t-shirt to relieve Jerry in net.
GW - NU 5-0 - Jesus Hattrick, save the novellas for people who give a shit

MC @ Maine

QQ- Maine 3-2- Joey Diamond will have more than 15 PMs this weekend. Fact. Also Maine will salvage a game against a team that they just don't like. The real question is who will accuse the other of biting in scrums first?
FM- Merrimack 4-2-one does simply walk past the trailer parks into Alfond and walk out with 4 points and Joey Diamond's pride.  Frodo had it way harder
MWW- Merrimack 3-2- Sweep
HS - Merrimack 2-1 - It used to be a big deal to sweep the Cubs in Alfond but then again, Maine also used to be relevant in college hockey.
GW - Merrimack 5-0


QQ- UNH 4-2- Gillies is good but the rest of the team doesn't have the speed or strength to keep up with UNH on Lake Whitt.
FM - UNH 5-3- you're not in Schneider anymore, Gillies.
MWW- PU 3-2- UNH is a horrible team in the 2nd half of the season. Choke city starts tonight
HS - UNH 3-2 (OT) - UNH will look awful, but DeSmith steals them a win to further delay Dick Umile's imminent heart attack and/or stroke.
GW - UNH 3-2- Gillies will keep it relatively tight

Lowell @ BU

QQ- BU 4-2- Time for Lowell to ease off this winning streak. Sorry Norm, you're not playing Clarkson anymore
FM- BU 5-2- I 'd rather be Dicky Eklund than Doug Carr at Agganis this weekend
MWW- BU 8-0- What's a River Hawk?!
GW - BU 5-2- In other obvious news, people in Lowell suck.

Vermont @ Penn State (in Philly)

QQ- UVM 3-2(OT)- I will not make a bad joke. I will not make a bad joke. I will not make a bad joke. In all seriousness, it is good to see another D-I hockey team form in the Big Ten and I think they will give UVM a run.
FM- UVM 3-2- Did Sneddon owe this guy a favor or something?  PSU can't get Fredonia to travel to the Keystone State and yet a team with a Frozen Four in the last five years bit?  There is a very good chance this could haunt this team if they go out there and get embarrassed by everyone's least favorite athletic program.
MWW- UVM 3-0- (comment edited out)- Just use your imagination to guess what he said
HS - UVM 3-1 - Obviously UVM won't shut anybody else out this season, but it's still Penn State. I'm trying to be disciplined about this pick so all I'll say about PSU is that I'm excited for Al Pacino to play Joe Paterno in an upcoming biopic. Also, you couldn't pay me enough to go to Philly to watch this shitty game.
GW - UVM 4-2- Penn State will give up a few early goals, because at Penn State they like it when you're a little behind in the locker room (original joke here)

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