Friday, January 25, 2013

Weekly Pick Em

Yeah so we all sucked last week. No other way to say it. 

QQ 78-65(.545) 1-7
FM 71-61(.538) 1-7
HS 66-63(.512) 2-6
MWW 72-67 (.518) 2-6
GW 48-66(.421) 2-6 

Friday 1/25


QQ- BU 4-2- Big weekend for the Terriers with two must win games. I think they are going to take care of business. They need this game more than PC does.
FM- BU 5-1- Friars are still HEA's ultimate slumpbuster
MWW- BU 8-0- Prov Priest ***********(Translation: They are very nice people)
HS- BU 4-2- Bounceback weekend for the boys, who sweep the Friars to regain their foothold on the ladder to the top of the HEA.
GW- BU 5-2. Fuck Gillies

Maine @ BC

QQ- BC 4-1- Everything in my body goes against picking BC but Maine is just horrid.
FM-  BC 27-0- I'm not kidding, I think that might actually end up being the final score
MWW- NCC 4-0- why on earth would I pick Maine at Conte
HS- NCC 5-3- It's still Maine, and it's still NCC.
GW- Maine 3-2. Fuck all of you guys

Lowell @ NU

QQ- NU 3-2- I see this being a tough weekend series. I think the home teams hold serve.
FM- Lowell 4-2- Only if Doug Carr misses the cut and gets sent home from the World Junior Diving Championship team
MWW-  Lowell 3-2- Can't believe we lost to both of these teams. LoL is hotter than AJ Mccarron's girlfriend. Okay I lied but, you get the point,
HS- LOL 4-3
GW- Lowell 2-1 Fuck Vinny

UMass @ UVM

QQ- UMass 3-2- I see this one splitting as well. UMass takes the first one.
FM- UMass 4-2- Minutemen showed a lot of stones by holding off BC last weekend
MWW- UVM 2-1- UMass doesn't really do anything for me, so the pick is UVM
HS- UMass 4-3- A nice weekend for the Minutemen up in the sticks. They beat BC 5-2 after getting swept by the Friars, so who knows what the fuck all that means. I'm gonna give them the benefit of the doubt against UVM, who has yet to win a game in 2013.
GW- Zoomass 4-1 Fuck Pollesello

UNH @ Merrimack

QQ- UNH 3-2- Coming off a tough home loss to PC is most likely a sign of things to come for their yearly second half choke but I think they play good enough this weekend.
FM- UNH 5-4- Even Casey DeSmith can't choke away this one
MWW- UNH 3-2- honestly Merrimack could compete but UNH is the better pick
HS- UNH 4-3(OT)- The Hacks still can't handle UNH, despite Casey DeSmith's numbers having dropped below .880 lately.
GW- UNH 5-1 Fuck Tirronen

Saturday 1/25

Merrimack @ UNH

QQ- UNH 3-2- I think both games are tight but I just can't pick Merrimack right now. Not against UNH
FM- UNH 5-2- Unlike Lawler, Lake Whittemore is actually a tough place to play
MWW- UNH 3-2- UNH is now home and always plays well there. UNH with the sweep
HS- UNH 4-2-  Again, UNH holds it down in the Whitt. Soon enough they will fail. Soon enough.
GW- UNH 3-1 Fuck Collins

Maine @ BC

QQ- tie 3-3- I refuse to pick BC twice in one weekend.
FM- BC 7-2- Like one of my soccer coaches used to say, even a blind squirrel finds nuts some of the time.  Maine is like the Helen Keller of squirrels.
MWW- NCC 3-1- again this Maine team away from home is not a wise pick(editor's note: Maine is never a wise pick)
HS- NCC 5-3-It's still Maine, and it's still NCC.
GW- Maine 4-1. Honestly, what kind of BU fans are you guys

Northeastern @ Lowell

QQ- Lowell 4-3- Lowell at home on pink ice? That's an unstoppable force right there. The pink will go great with Carr's eyes.
FM- Lowell 3-2- I don't trust Lowell to sweep since they basically had choked away last weekend's game before the Noonan DQ.
MWW- Lowell 3-2- LoL is hotter than Manti Te'o's girlfriend
HS- LOL 3-2- Hawks will earn sweep, put Vinny Sap in his place this weekend
GW- Lowell 4-2 Fuck Vinny

 PC @ BU

QQ- BU 4-1- BU gets the much needed sweep. Megan and Nieto are going to have HUGE weekends. Mark it down.
FM- BU 6-2- Agganis is never kind to the Friars.
MWW- BU 8-0- honestly if BU doesn't get the sweep this weekend, I think Parker should roll some heads
HS- BU 4-1- Terriers will probably end up playing only 2/3 periods but pull out the win, allowing the team to get its momentum back.
GW- BU 50-1. Fuck Jankowski.

UMass @ UVM

QQ- UVM 3-2- UMass rarely wins back to back games no matter who they play. UVM is good enough to get a win at home.
FM - UMass 4-3- Cats get mounted this weekend.  Simple as that
MWW- UMass 3-1-This series will split cause UVM is high for the win the night before
HS- UMass 3-2- Sweep
GW- UMass 3-1 Fuck Sneddon

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