Sunday, February 3, 2013

Meme Monday: EXTENDED Beanpot Edition

It's finally here! Wake up people! THE BEANPOT STARTS TONIGHT!

That's right, Shocked Terrier. It's already Beanpot time.
Yes, really. It's Beanpot Monday. Which means your regularly scheduled Meme Mondays post is going to pay special attention to the other three teams participating in cawlidge hawkey's best annual tournament.

[NOTE: This is the longest BSRS Meme Monday post ever, so get comfortable.]

First up we have NorthLeastern. We figure it's best to get them out of the way first, on the blog and on the ice.

Seriously though. Most of these scumbags look like they've either uploaded headshots using Apple's facial distortion software or photoshopped images from the local Sex Offender Registry, but I assure you these images have not been doctored. Sap also looks like the blundering, endearingly incompetent villain in a 90s Disney movie (except for the endearing part) who monologues for several minutes before allowing the hero to thwart his plans.

Really though, it looks like the NU team has some actual celebrities on it.

Redshirt Junior Torin Snydeman as Teenage Nigel Thornberry.

Goaltender Chris Rawlings as the spawn of Brian Scalabrine (not an insult) and his own teammate Jake Hoefler, plus an extra chromosome or two...

Defenseman Dax Lauwers as the lovechild of Flea and Steve Zahn, but born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

Defenseman Colton Saucerman (yeah, that's his real name) as the butt-baby of Sal Fasano and John C. Reilly.
Forward Zak Stone as Broken Lizard's Paul Soter (after several years of severe meth addiction).

Forward Adam Reid, who seems to be a mix of a poor man's young-Bill-Walton and a broke man's Damian Lewis.
Garrett Vermeersch, as the logical progression of Jeff Spicoli if he grew out a pedo-stache & never learned to play hockey.
Forward Cody Ferriero starring as the apparent offspring of both Jay and Silent Bob.

Vinny Saponari bearing a striking resemblance to a 30 gallon trash bag filled with hot fresh elephant shit.

But in the end, it all comes down to this. The bottom line:

Next up? HAHVAHD.
[True accounts: Harvard kids actually are this douchey.]

Next in our ongoing ridicule of the reigning champion atop the list of Most Fallaciously Pompous Private Universities in the United States (a 114 year unbeaten streak), we bring you the Harvard Douchebag Meme (credit to the interwebs on this one, only a couple of them are BSRS-produced).

Last, and certainly least, we have the Eaglets from Newton Community College aka The Outhouse on the Hill. Who could possibly forget the 1986 BC Men's Ice Hockey team's gloriously unironic attempt at a proclamation of superiority in the form of a rap song entitled, "The Beanpot Trot"?


And now, onto the memes. We'll begin with some spy shots of Superfrauds lining up to buy Beanpot tickets.

Yeesh. Those Superfans may never figure it out. Speaking of Jerry York's eyesight...why not congratulate Coach York on a reportedly successful recent procedure on his retina, shall we?

[Please note: If you have not seen the 1991 masterpiece of filmmaking, Hook, starring Robin Williams and Jerry York Dustin Hoffman, you are no longer welcome at BSRS. You are EXCUSED.]

Oh, Jerry! There you are. Looking good, pal.

And a close-up of that new eye of his...

Glass "eagle eye". I see what you did there, Jerry.
Of course, Jerry can't really appreciate these images (because he's blind, you see). So to help him out we figured we'd start learning braille for the future. Here are some examples. (decoder ring found here)

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