Friday, February 22, 2013

Weekly Pick Em

QQ 90-88(.506)
FM 77-76 (.503)
MWW 85-89 (.488)
HS 77-85(.475)
GW 61-88(.412)

Friday 2/22

Maine@ UMass

QQ- UMass 4-3- They suck in February but for some reason I keep picking them
MWW- Maine 3-2- Loved how Maine played us last week ( not you Joey Diamond
HS - Maine 3-1 - Omellette stood on his head several times last week. Expect more of the same.


QQ- PC 4-1- Yeah...don't see NU beating Gillies this seasdon

MWW-PC 3-2- Gillies is golden
HS - PC 4-1 - Fuck NU basically.


QQ- UNH 3-2- UNH scraped by in this battle of the Cats.
MWW- UNH 3-2- UNH is wise pick considering they are one of the top teams in country(Editor's note: MWW is wise beyond his years)
HS - UNH 3-2 - Begrudgingly.

Lowell @ BU

QQ- BU 4-2- Huge game for the Terriers at home. One that they have to have here. I think they continue the momentum from last weekend
MWW- BU 3-2- GO BU! LoL team dies from a crack overdose after the game. Investigators believes
Carr was the dealer on the team
HS - BU 4-2 - Easily the biggest game of the semester.

Saturday 2/23


QQ- UVM 3-2- No way UNH takes both of these games as they suddenly look very beatable
MWW- UVM 3-2- Go Cats Go
HS - UVM 3-2 (OT) - I'm determined not to pick UNH sweeps ever again.
BU @ Lowell

QQ- BU 4-3- Tsongas might be the easiest atmosphere to play in out of all of Hockey East. The students sit. The arena is nice and they serve beer for us. If I don't catch coupons from the blimp, I am going to be heated.
MWW- BU 3-2- since the whole team died from a crack overdose(Editor's note: I don't know how a team of dead guys scores 2 goals.)
HS - BU 3-1 - Can't wait for 1. the defense to start playing again 2. getting snowed into Lowell 3. winning the internal BSRS pool on each of our causes of death when forced to stay overnight in Lowell.

 Maine @ UMass

QQ- Maine 4-2- Split is all over this series. UMass needs atleast one win to hold onto that final playoff spot.
MWW- UMass 3-2-Split is written all over this series
HS - UMass 3-2 - A team like Maine doesn't sweep a team like UMass in back to back games at a place like Mullins.

QQ- PC 3-1- Gilles at it again!
MWW- PC 3-0- Gillies with the sweep
HS - PC 3-0 - Seriously. Fuck NU.
Sunday 2/24

BC @ Merrimack

QQ- Merrimack 3-2- Another heart breaking loss in North Andover!
MWW Merrimack 3-2- oh shit i forgot to write Merrihack. I have to stop forgetting that shit. SHIT EVERYWHERE! Kevin Hayes likes to shit in the weirdest places ie- stairwells. Wouldn't be surprised if he shat on a girls chest once (looking at you **). Oh shit the pick, I guess this is shitty pick but Merrimack wins
HS - Merrimack 7-0 - Something something Jerry York loves German scat porn.
Tuesday 2/26

Merrimack @ BU

QQ- BU 4-3- BU takes a big 6 points and take the conference by the jugular
MWW- BU 3-2- Go BU! Merrimack loses the game cause they are still cleaning out the nostrils from ALL THE SHIT Hayes left around,
HS - BU 4-3 - Comeback time, suckas.

Lowell @ BC

QQ- Lowell 3-2- They come off the sweep hungry and take care of business in Chestnut Hill
MWW- Lol 3-2- Shit Shit Shit Shit Crap Crap POO POO POO. LoL might as well bring out the TRASH IN A GARBAGE BAG. Easier said than done but taking out BC TRASH IN GARBAGE BAGS isn't that hard IMO
HS - LOL 4-2 - Lowell comes from a town that is basically a dumpster to play hockey in a toilet against guys who wear trash bags and turn their own buildings into impromptu toilets. Cool. Low - Lower - Lowest - Lowell - BC.

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