Monday, March 25, 2013

All Aboard the Departure Train - 2013 Edition

Now that BU's season has officially ended, we enter my least favorite time of the year - the early departure season. Like any major program, BU is no stranger to early departures - last season, Alex Chiasson, Adam Clendening and Justin Courtnall all left early to pursue professional careers. 

I'd imagine that I'll be updating this post as the next few weeks unfold, but here's how I say things shaking out as of now...

UPDATE - 4/1/13

Gone, Baby, Gone
Matt Nieto, Jr Forward, 18-19-37. Pro Team: San Jose

Update - 3/29/13 

No Bail, He's a Flight Risk
Garrett Noonan, Jr Defenseman, 6-13-19. Pro Team: Nashville

Definitely Not Leaving, Don't Be an Idiot
Danny O'Regan, Fr Forward, 16-22-38. Pro Team: San Jose
Matt Grzelcyk, Fr Defenseman, 3-20-23. Pro Team: Boston

Odd Situations
Alexx Privitera, Soph Defenseman, 2-10-12. Pro Team: None
Jake Moscatel, Sr Forward, 1-0-1. Pro Team: None

1) Matt, much like Chiasson last year, is really a no-brainer to leave early.  Matt led the team in goals this season (18) and tallied 19 assists to go along with them.  I wouldn't read much into his point production being down a little from last season (16-26-42), as a lot of that has to do with the fact that he no longer played on a line with Alex Chiasson or Chris Connolly. Nieto is currently listed as the Sharks' top prospect at left wing, and was listed as their fourth best overall prospect by Hockey Prospectus. While the Sharks still have a year to sign him (Matt was drafted in 2011, after his freshman year) and typically are quite patient with their draft picks, I would be shocked if they didn't send him a contract in the next week or two.  

2) After Garrett's incredible play last season as a sophomore (16-11-27, +19), we weren't sure if he would be back for his junior season.  He did come back, and earned the right to wear an "A" for the second half of the season to boot. Similarly to Matt, Garrett's numbers were down this year, but a lot of that has to do with the absence of Adam Clendening.  Garrett is currently listed as Nashville's sixth-best defensemen prospect, but I wouldn't read much into that - four of the guys ahead of him have already turned pro.  Noonan was also drafted after his freshman year, so Nashville does have a year left to sign him.  Basically what I'm saying is this: I wouldn't be shocked to see Garrett turn pro, and I also wouldn't be shocked to see him return to BU. I'd put the odds somewhere around 60-40 that Noons jumps to Nashville.

3) O'Regan and Grzelcyk both had breakout seasons as freshmen for BU, but I don't see either one leaving BU quite yet.  Both players were named to Hockey East's All-Rookie team, and both led the team in scoring in their respective positions (O'Regan for forwards, Grizz for defensmen). However, I find it highly doubtful that either of them wants to try their luck in the professional game after only one year at BU. O'Regan is only the Sharks seventh-best prospect at center, and Grizz is the eighth-best Bruins prospect at D. Although anything is possible, I'd be very surprised if either Danny or Matt left BU this offseason.

4) Alexx and Jake aren't on this list because of any concerns that they'll turn pro, but because both have some unusual circumstances potentially affecting their return to BU.  Moscatel is a senior this year, but because he was a walk-on and didn't dress in any games last year, he technically still has a year of NCAA eligibility left.  According to Jake, there is a minor snafu with his eligibility status (something about being on the roster, even if he didn't dress), so we're not sure if he'll be able to come back for another year.  

5) Alexx was suspended by Coach Parker back in February for taking too many penalties, and according to the Boston Hockey Blog neither Alexx nor his family were too happy with the decision (not that we can blame them). We believe Alexx is still on campus, and as such probably plans on returning in the fall, but there really is no way of knowing his intentions.  Complicating the situation is the fact that Alexx's younger brother Jarrid is a BU recruit and is expected to arrive on campus for the upcoming semester. Depending upon who the new coach is, we may see both Privitera brothers in BU sweaters come October, or we may see neither of them donning the scarlet and white.  Obviously we're hoping for the former, but you never know.

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