Wednesday, March 20, 2013

NCAA Mens Basketball Brackets

Starting tomorrow ESPN Brackets will take off and so does our private and public lobbies. As a token of our appreciation for reading the best damn blog in 'Murica, we are offering up slots to our readers to join us. Two Rules:

  • Make Your Bracket Name Funny
  • Have Fun laughing at us for some idiotic picks like Butler losing in the first round COUGH COUGH

Here are the steps to join in if you want:

1. Login to your ESPN account. If you don't have an account you can link your Facebook to it or create one from your email account.
2. Follow this link:
3. Search BSRS Bloggers and Readers
4. Enter password: BCSUCKSDICK
5. Fill out your bracket.

If you somehow beat us and get the number 1 spot we might give you follow or something nice to you on social media.

As Always Aim For Perfection

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