Thursday, March 14, 2013

Weekly Pick Em

HE QF Series Edition

QQ 104-105(.4976)
MWW 102-103 (.4975)
FM 80-83(.491)
HS 94-98(.490)
GW 61-88 (.412) -Mathematically eliminated

8. Maine @ 1. Lowell

QQ- Game 1 Lowell 3-1- Both of these teams have had much better second halves than firsts. I think Lowell wins in 3 and close to 90% of the time the winner of Game 1 goes on to win the series so the pick is Lowell.
Game 2 Maine 4-3- The urgency will be with Maine on the second night here with less pressure on Lowell, who is an NCAA lock and the Hockey East Regular Season Champ.

MWW- Game 1 Lowell 3-2- Maine is 2-1-0 versus Lowell this year. With all three games finishing by 1 goal each. The thing is you cannot judge the first two games since they were in Nov and both teams sucked in the start of the year. Now both teams are hot now. The true match up that should be looked at is the February match up the one in which Maine won. Issue is Maine only saw Carr this year. Taking LoL for game one based on this.

Game 2- Lowell 3-1  Since LoL should be up 1 game against Maine, I think this game will be up and down hockey. Dreadful for goalies but fun for everyone else. The thing is Hellebuyck is 14-2-0. Yes most of the teams he faced sucked (Harvard, NU) but still  14-2-0 record does speak for itself. Just based on that I am taking LoL for the sweep. Also this pick of a sweep isn't swayed by the fact I hate Joey Diamond.

HS Game 1 Lowell 3-1 Game 2 Lowell 4-2.

7. UVM @ 2. BC

QQ- Game 1BC 4-1 BC hasn't lost a Hockey East QF game since they dropped 2 to BU , Sean Fields and his flapping wings in 2004.  I don't see Vermont being the team to beat them but why not pick them anyway?
Game 2 BC 3-2 UVM 3-2- I hate picking them twice. I actually feel sick doing it but I can't just give away the title...or I can pick the Cats cause they are going to steal this one! Go Cats Go!

MWW- Game 1 BC 3-2- I feel like I should be shot for saying this but bragging rights are on the line in the Pick 'Em. BC will win this series. You ask me why? Well, I think York and the those fuckers on the hill are getting healthy and starting to click. I hate the pic.
Game 2 BC 3-2-  Like I said earlier I am here to win a T-shirt. Call me a clown, call me a traitor. Honestly I would love to see BC vs BU face off at least one more time this season just to see Parker at his finest, hating BC. So I have to pick BC for that wish to come true.
HS - Game 1 BC 5-2. Game 2 BC 3-2 (OT).

6 Merrimack @ 3. BU

QQ Game 1 BU 4-1- The Terriers need a run to make the NCAA tournament or some help. I think the run happens. HE Conference Title or Bust.
Game 2 BU 4-3- Jack Parker's last game at Agganis Arena and Jack Parker Rink will come at some point this weekend. I think it comes on Saturday with the 5th straight W over Merrimack.

MWW-Game 1 BU 3-2- BU is 3-0-0 vs Merrimack this year. Bad News for Merrimack is Parker is retiring. That's motivation enough for BU to win
Game 2 BU 896-0 BU should have 1 game lead entering Saturdays game. And they will have 5-0-0 record versus Merrimack when everyone leaves Saturday night. This results in one last trip for Parker into the Garden
HS - Game 1 BU 4-3. Game 2 BU 5-2.

5 UNH @ 4. PC

QQ Game 1 PC 2-1- PC is going to ride Gillies aslong as they can in this conference tournament 
Game 2 PC 3-1- UNH hasn't beaten Providence this year and they don't exactly excel in the Conference Tournament this year so sweeeeep.

MWW Game 1 PC 3-2 Strangely enough Prov has home ice and they have 2 wins against UNH this year. Gillies is the savior for that program down in Providence. They are playing at home instead of Lake Whitt which helps a lot. Taking Prov in game 1 for all those reasons.
Game 2 UNH 3-2- Prov should have the 1 game lead in this series, and you will see Dick and those Wildcats choking on enormous Gillies cock in game 2. Somehow they handle it and push this series to Sunday.
HS - Game 1 PC 3-2. Game 2 UNH 3-1.

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