Friday, March 1, 2013

Weekly Pick'Em

This contest is coming down to the final two weekends and conference playoffs between FM and myself. Both HS and MWW are still in the running while GW is awaiting for the NCAA tournament brackets to come out.

QQ 95-94(.503)
FM 77-76(.503)
MWW 92-93(.497)
HS 84-89(.486)
GW 61-88(.412)

Friday 3/1


QQ- PC 3-2- BC continues to fall and the loss of Kevin Hayes for them makes me think they are really going to shit the bed the rest of the way.
FM--BC 2-1
MWW-PC 3-1- Gillies all day everyday
HS - PC 4-2 -BC's downward spiral continues.

Merrimack @ Lowell

QQ- Lowell 4-1 - They are the hottest team in the conference if not the country right now. I just don't see Merrimack getting more than a goal.
FM--Lowell 4-3
MWW- Lol 3-2- LoL hottest team in country? Maybe? Ehh
HS - Lol 3-1 - Lowell is pretty good at hockey this semester.

NU @ Maine

QQ- Maine 3-2- Night night Vinny you asshole. Maine is beat up but they are playing for their playoff lives and are better than Northeastern.
FM--NU 3-1
MWW- Maine 3-2- GUARANTEE Maine sells more tickets than NU for the rest of the yr. (Editor's note: Bold prediction there Cotton)
HS - Maine 5-2 - Fuck NU

 UMass @ UNH

QQ- UNH 3-2- UMass could very easily steal one of these. Just don't think it is this one.
FM--UNH 4-1
MWW- UNH 3-2- Umile will want the W at home and UNH is the pick(Editor's note: Worst logic ever)
HS - UMass 4-3 - Backward splits


QQ- BU 4-2- Huge game for the Terriers. Need to bring the same intensity out of the gate as they did against Merrimack and similar results will follow.
FM--BU 4-1
MWW- BU 2-0- Go BU

Saturday 3/2 


QQ- tie 3-3- Hard to see BC getting swept but I got PC taking 3 of 4 putting them in a great shot to take the regular season title next weekend versus Lowell.
FM--BC 2-0
MWW PC- Friars with the sweep b/c BC players shat their pants and smeared over their bodied praying for a new Pope (Editor's note: I just don't know how he comes up with this)

HS - I just wanted to share this video with all of you... BC probably hasn't checked their shitters in a while.


NU @Maine

QQ- Maine 3-1- I just don't see Northeastern winning a game up in Orono with this much on the line
FM--Maine 2-0
MWW- Maine- Maine doesnt need Living Social for their games. They sell. NU doesnt, they need Living Social
HS - Maine 2-0 - Because fuck NU

UMass @ UNH

QQ- UMass 3-2- The Minutemen already won 2 games up in New Hampshire this year during their new year's tournament. I think they find a way to take this one.
FM--UMass 3-1
MWW UMass 3-2- split down the middle and call me.
HS - UNH 4-2 - Banana splits


QQ- BU 4-3- The Terriers squeak this one out and keep the good times rolling towards an NCAA berth and possible Hockey East title
FM--BU 4-0
MWW- BU 2-0- UVM doesnt get high but still loses
HS - BU 3-2 - Terriers' comeback to playing at top form isn't quite complete but they will their way to a victory at home.

 Sunday 3/3

Lowell @ Merrimack

QQ- Lowell 4-3- I won't pick against Lowell until they lose. I have a championship to win here.
FM--Mack 5-4
MWW- Merrimack 3-2- Split city
HS - Hack 3-2 (OT) - Splits

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