Thursday, October 24, 2013

HE Pick Em Week 3

1. FM 12-6(.667)
2. QQ  24-13(.649)
3. GW   21-16 (.568)
4. MWW 19-18 (.514)
5. HS 1-0

Week 3

Friday 10/25

#3 Miami @ #8 PC
QQ- Miami 4-3- 5 o clock start on a Friday is not ideal to take advantage of home ice.
MWW- PC 2-1Gillies is playing okay haha I am taking Providence since they are home too
GW- Miami 4-2
FM-PC 5-4
HTS- Miami 4-2 - PC is gonna have a good year. This game will be an exception.

UMass @ Maine
QQ- Maine 3-2- Don't think UMass has the team to win up at Alfond early in the season
MWW Maine 3-2- Sneaking by Bentley isn't a good look but i am taking them since they are home
GW- Maine 3-2
FM- UMass 3-1
HTS- Maine 3-2 - Alfond.

#20 NU @ St. Lawrence
QQ- SLU 4-3- Sorry NU fans, the quest for the undefeated season ends here
MWW- NU 3-2- Hate to say it but NU is playing pretty well right now
GW- SLU 3-1
FM- SLU 4-3
HTS- SLU 3-0 - MWW needs to wake up.

#13 BU @ #4 Michigan
QQ- BU 5-4- No brainer here. BU is just better than Michigan
MWW- BU 4-0-  BU uses this away trip to Michigan as a platform to tell college hockey they are here and ready to make a big run
GW- BU 2-1
FM- BU 4-2
HTS- BU 5-2 - The young Terriers continue to show off their offensive talent in Yost.

#18 Lowell @ Michigan St
QQ- Lowell 3-2- Lowell sneaks one out despite their early season struggles
MWW Lowell 4-3- Feeling here is that Michigan St. sucks
GW- Lowell 3-0
FM- Lowell 3-2
HTS- Lowell 3-2 - Yeah, Lowell is still a decent hockey team. Way better than Mich St.

#5 BC @ #1 Minnesota
QQ- Minnesota 7-3- Gophers make BC's D look foolish
MWW Minnesota 5-4- Minnesota is home and will play well enough to squeak one out
GW- Minnesota 4-2
FM- Minnesota 4-2
HTS- Minnesota 5-4 - Shootout at Mariucci, but the Eagles can Gopherk themselves.

# 2 Notre Dame @ Minnesota- Duluth
QQ- Minnesota Duluth 4-3- ND's undefeated run comes to an end at the hands of the Bulldogs
MWW ND 4-3- ND is playing well enough to take the win Friday
GW- Duluth 3-1
FM- ND 5-1
HTS- ND 4-2 - Not picking against the Irish in this one.

Saturday 10/26

UVM vs Penn State
QQ- Penn State 4-3- UVM is banged up and face a tough task going into a rink that will be 95% PSU fans
MWW PSU 3-1- Taking the Pedos
GW- UVM 2-0
FM-UVM 3-0
HTS- PSU 3-2 - UVM sucks, man. Seriously.

Army @ Merrimack
QQ- Army 4-3- If you don't take Army, then you aren't American
MWW- Army 4-3- I like the cadets here because they have the sickest campus ever
GW- Merrimack 2-1
FM- MC 2-0
HTS- Army 3-2 - Haven't seen much out of Army yet but what we saw of Mack looks shitty, as expected.

#3 Miami @ #8 PC
QQ- PC 3-2- Like PC the second night when there will be students and energy in the building
MWW- Miami 3-2 Splitsville here. Miami is a good team and well coached.
GW-PC 3-1
FM- Miami 5-2
HTS- PC 3-2 - What QQ said, basically. As long as there isn't a Friars basketball practice on campus for the fans to go watch instead of hockey. I didn't check.

#14 UNH @ #12 RPI
QQ- UNH 3-2- I like what I saw from RPI last week but UNH needs this game more
MWW- UNH 4-3- UNH holds off those pesky Engineers in the sausage capital of colleges
GW- RPI 3-2
FM- UNH 2-1
HTS- UNH 3-2 - Because fuck GW, that's why.

#20 NU @ St. Lawrence
QQ- NU 4-3- I'll take NU with the split here
MWW- NU 5-4- NU takes the brooms out
GW- SLU 3-2
FM- NU 5-4
HTS- NU 5-3 - Because fuck GW, that's why. #loner

#18 Lowell @ #4 Michigan
QQ- Michigan 5-4- May be a different story in March but right now you have to like Michigan at Yost.
MWW- Michigan 4-0- After getting spanked by BU, Michigan turns it around and spanks Lol.
GW- Michigan 3-1
FM- Michigan 5-1
HTS- Michigan 3-1 - I hate Michigan but it's not like they're gonna fail to rebound against LoL at home.

#13 BU @Michigan State
QQ- BU 6-1- Michigan state just got swept by UMass who is not good. BU rolls
MWW-BU 5-0 Sparty sucks. BU rules
GW- BU 4-2
FM- BU 5-1
HTS- BU 5-0 - Defensive play starts to match the quality of the offense against the outmatched Spartans. Dominance. Drinking game: take the shots ratio in BU's favor and just pound 5 drinks times the ratio. Winner: everyone except the fackin' Staties.

Massachusetts @ Maine
QQ- tie 3-3- I'll go with the tie as UMass manages a point up at Alfond.
MWW- UMass 3-2- Assuming Maine wins Friday, I see a splitville here
GW-Maine 2-1 
FM- Maine 2-1
HTS-Maine 4-1 - b/c I can't wait to see Fight Mass react to the sweep.

#2 Notre Dame @ Minnesota-Duluth
QQ- ND 5-2- ND bounces back strong from the first loss of the year
MWW- Duluth 5-4- Would like ND to drop a game here so I'm going Bulldogs
GW- Duluth 3-1
FM- Notre Dame 4-2
HTS- ND 5-2 - It's tough to see a sweep to preserve the streak but I think ND will be too pumped the second night to drop one.
Sunday 10/27
#5 BC@ #1 Minnesota
QQ- Minnesota 6-3- M-I-N-N-E-S-O-T-A Minnesota!
MWW- Minnesota 5-0- SWEEP CITY #gopherkyourself
GW- Minnesota 5-1
FM- BC 4-2
HTS- Minnesota 9-0 - Fuck you FM

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