Friday, December 27, 2013

BU forwards Sam Kurker and Brendan Collier added by USHL teams

Despite the team being off until next weekend, there have been some news regarding BU hockey recently. Two weeks ago, sophomore Terrier forward Sam Kurker was added to the roster by the Indiana Ice of the USHL and yesterday, teammate Brendan Collier was added by the Youngstown Phantoms also of the USHL. This does not mean either player is leaving BU. These moves are typically made by USHL teams if they hear rumors that players are thinking of leaving their schools to transfer. They could hear these rumors from family members or advisors of the family. These moves could also mean nothing. Without inside information, it is difficult to guess exactly what prompted these USHL teams to add these players. It should be noted that Indiana dropped its 4th goalie to add Kurker to their roster so it wasn't exactly a high value roster spot.

                                           Photo Credit to Michelle Jay/Daily Free Press Staff

I personally don't believe that either player will transfer during the middle of the season if at all. Both players were regarded as solid recruits(both are drafted) and are talented enough to succeed at this level as well as on this team. I hope both players return as there is a serious lack of depth up front for the Terriers and they need every body possible available for the second half of the season for the big time winning streak they are about to go on.

 I thought Collier had his best game of the season against Bentley and if he continues to grind and work hard, he will see a big jump in his play as the season progesses and  he can carry that into next year similar to Matt Lane did last season into this season. Collier is a different type of player than Lane but he can certainly follow a similar development path if given the opportunity.

Kurker is rumored to have been battling mono the last month of the first half and did not see game action because of it. He would be a huge boost to the forwards if he can return and be a physical power forward without taking any dumb penalties. Both players should benefit from the winter break and now can regroup along with the rest of the team for the second half of the season which begins next Saturday at Harvard.


  1. I wish I had confidence that you are correct and that both Kurker and Collier can help this BU team. History shows that Kurker is not the power forward he was projected to be by both BU and the NHL. He just does not score. As they say, some guys come down the ice and all they see is net. Others come down the ice and all they see is goalie. Unfortunately, Kurker appears to be in the second category. I hope I am wrong. I hope he gets well and helps this team. After 35 to 45 games at BU and with 3 or less goals, I just don't see it.

    As for Collier, he also has shown less than what was expected. If he doesn't turn it around during the second half of this season, it may be he just is not D 1 material. Again, I hope I am wrong.

  2. Yes these two guys are way off what I thought they would be here at BU. Did Parker just "play out the string" his last two years? Collier's partner at MC is scoring big for BC. Is it the system? Was it Bavis/ Parker? After watching BU Hockey from the '65 season on I don't even know myself. Sad. Will the program ever recover?

  3. I think it is way too early to count out Collier and how he can help this team. Smaller forwards tend to take longer to adjust to the college game. Look at the jumps some smaller forwards have made in the last few years(Hohmann, Lane, Rodrigues, etc). Kurker needs to find his role which is a power forward who can put the puck in the net. He is obviously struggling right now but I would wait for the end of this season before coming to a judgement on him.

    Parker certainly didn't play out the string. They made the NCAA's in 2012 and were one bounce/game away from the tournament last season and if you look at the recruits for the coming years, it's hard to not think they will be a national title contender again in no time.

  4. I hope you are right, Quickman.