Tuesday, February 25, 2014

BSRS Weekly Awards 2/25

Greg Jennings Award- given to the Terrier who best exemplifies the qualities of Greg Jennings through doin' shit and putting the team on his back. (YOU CAN'T STOP HIM).

Winner- Sean Maguire, G- Mags made 38 saves on 40 Notre Dame shots Saturday night and was perfect through two periods before Notre Dame finally got one past him. He has only allowed 4 goals in his last two starts and seems to be picking it up just as he did last season before the HE playoffs.

Joe Pereira Trophy- Given to the Terrier who, through grit, hard work, and determination helps the team to victory on and off the scoresheet. Just like Joey did. (Interview can be read here)

Winner- Kevin Duane,F- Duane has been playing very well as of late and Quinn rewarded him by putting him on the first line on Saturday night in South Bend. He had the Terriers best chance of the night on Saturday out front on the powerplay. He has shown some great hands this season and great knowledge out on the ice. He certainly knows where he needs to be 99% of the time out there and has been using his big body to be more physical as of late without taking dumb penalties. He works his ass off and is certainly a player that is easy to cheer for.

Buddy Powers BU Coach of the Week

Winner- Steve Greeley- Last week I said "Greeley was missing from Friday's game which means he was out recruiting which means a recruit announcement is most likely coming. ". Well look who was right. BU landed a 2016 recruit Thursday in forward Johnny McDermott. He joins phenom Clayton Keller in the class that will come to Comm Ave in the fall of 2016. Greeley continues to land top level recruits and was missing from South Bend this weekend so there is only more to come.

Denny Green Award

Winner- Merrimack- They got swept. They are who we thought they were and UVM didn't let them off the hook.

Barilla Pasta Sieve of the Week

Winner- Martin Ouelette, Maine- Omlette allowed 8 goals over the weekend to Northeastern on 67 shots which left Maine with only 1 out of a possible 4 points from Northeastern. 

Star Market Grocery Stick of the Week
Winner-  Brice O'Connor, Maine - The top pair dman was out on the ice for 4 goals against this weekend against Northeastern which is not very good.  If you're out there for 75% of the goals against, you probably aren't all that useful to your team.


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