Tuesday, March 4, 2014

BSRS Weekly Awards 3/4

Greg Jennings Awardgiven to the Terrier who best exemplifies the qualities of Greg Jennings through doin' shit and putting the team on his back. (YOU CAN'T STOP HIM).

Winner- Garrett Noonan- Noonan was a force defensively this weekend as he was out there consistently against Northleastern's top forwards Kevin Roy and Braden Pimm. He limited their chances and opportunities to limit Northeastern to 3 goals over the two game BU sweep. He made life easier for Sean Maguire Friday and OC on Saturday. It is only fitting a senior captain earns the GJ on the week of senior night. Noonan has had a very underrated year for the Terriers as he continues to play 25-30 minutes a night against top line forward. He might play 40 Saturday with only game for the coaching staff to worry about this weekend.

Joe Pereira Trophy- Given to the Terrier who, through grit, hard work, and determination helps the team to victory on and off the scoresheet. Just like Joey did. (Interview can be read here)

Winner- Doyle Somerby- Somerby recorded his first collegiate goal on Saturday night while also picking up a powerplay assist. The best part of his weekend was how physical he was defensively. He kept Northeastern's forwards away from the front of the net and won battles along the boards.

Buddy Powers BU Coach of the Week- David Quinn- This one was a no brainer as Quinn benched 8 players(4 each night) for a "college decision" and those players responded by scoring 5 of the 8 goals on the weekend. Quinn quipped that he might play 9 forwards and 5 dmen next weekend as well but he had a good weekend as he toed the line perfectly between discipline and giving his team a chance to win. Quinn will need to push the right buttons again as BU returns to South Bend where they did not score a goal two weekends ago in a win or go home scenario.

Denny Green Award- "They are who we thought they were and we let them off the hook"

Winner- Northeastern- Northeastern is exactly who we thought they were. That is overrated and not very good. BU outscored them 8-3 during the two game sweep.

Barilla Pasta Sieve of the Week

Winner- Clay Witt- Witt came crashing back down to earth this weekend as he allowed 7 goals on 40 shots over the course of two games. The .825 save percentage is not very good and was just slightly lower than Maguire/OC's combined save percentage of .973.

Star Market Grocery Stick of the Week 

Winner - Jim Madigan- Madigan's team went from safely in the NCAA field to being very much on the bubble after two losses to BU. Madigan appeared to make no changes from Friday to Saturday night after his team displayed their "Worst effort of the season". This weekend was just an example where Quinn was playing chess while Madigan was playing checkers.

Calhoun/Boeheim Quote of the Week- We haven't done quote of the weeks in a few weeks so you get a bunch this week. You're welcome.

David Quinn " I've been coaching almost 20 years and I don't know if I have been prouder. Through some difficult times and a difficult season to respond the way we did over the last two nights shows our resiliency and our character and our leadership" -Boston Hockey Blog

Jack Parker- " I can't tell you how much it means to get my number retired. But it means that much more to have it next to Travis' number"

" It's going against my rule to have this done. The reality is we're still going by the same rule because we're not retiring my number, because I was a great player"

Travis Roy- "I'm glad we've established the requirements for getting your number retired: 11 seconds or 40 years."

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