Friday, June 27, 2014

BU Hockey NHL Draft Preview

As the NHL draft begins tonight, it is interesting to watch which college prospects are taken and which round they go as this has an impact how long they can be expected to play at the collegiate level. It is not the only factor as the players must perform to get offered that NHL contract but it is a good indicator. Now let's hope none of these guys go to the Canadians and it will be a successful draft in our eyes..

John MacLeod- The physical defenseman is ranked as the 44th skater in North America for this year's draft. Most mock draft have him being drafted in anywhere from the 2nd to 4th round. Macleod will arrive on Comm Ave to begin his career as a Terrier this fall.
Prediction- 3rd round

Brandon Hickey- Hickey is another highly touted defenseman who will arrive at BU this fall and should be fighting for ice time right away. He can fire and move the puck at the blueline which makes him a valuable piece of this team moving forward.
Prediction- 3rd round

Chase Phelps- Phelps is a Shattuck's Saint Mary's product and will most likely go later in the draft since none of his physical attributes jump off the charts. He never takes a shift off and looks like he will be a great college hockey player for BU.
Prediction- 6th round

JJ Piccinich- Piccinich had a huge year for Youngstown in the USHL in his second season with the club. He made a huge jump from his first year with the club as he matured physically. I wouldn't expect him to struggle in his first year collegiately as he can put the puck in the net. NHL teams will see that ability in him too and take a chance on him in one of the later rounds.
Prediction- 5th round

Maxim Letunov- Letunov will not arrive on Comm Ave until next fall but he will get taken in the NHL draft this weekend because of his raw skill. Letunov will need some time to fill in his frame and develop as a player but I would expect him to go as high as the third round.
Prediction- 3rd round

Brandon Fortunato- Fortunato will most likely fall in the draft because of his size but it would be wise for a team to take a shot on him before another organization does. He is a very offensively gifted defenseman and was a great get for BU this late in the recruiting season.
Prediction- 6th round

Liam Coughlin- He attended the Canadians amateur camp last summer after not being drafted but there is always a chance that a team will call his name in one of the later rounds this year. We would draft him if we were an NHL GM.
Prediction-7th round

Bobo Carpenter- Carpenter is another 2015 recruit that could be drafted a full year before he arrives at BU. Carpenter was ranked the 119th top skater in the draft which makes it seem as he would be a later round selection.
Prediction-5th round

All 8 of these recruits could hear their names called over the weekend and we certainly wish them best of luck in the draft process.

Recruits eligible for the 2015 Draft: Jack Eichel, AJ Greer, and Jordan Greenway,


  1. McAvoy is not eligible for 2015. He's a late December '97, eligible for 2016.

  2. Thanks for letting me know. Ill change that