Tuesday, October 7, 2014

2014-2015 Hockey Least Pre-season Team

The Hockey East First and All Rookie teams have already been released along with the coaches and media poll for the conference standings. These are all well and good but nowhere near the importance level of the annual BSRS Hockey Least Awards.

(Worst) Coach of the Year- Mike Cavanaugh(UConn)

- Now you may think this is wrong to pick on the newest member of the conference in their first full year in the conference but Cavanaugh is a former BC assistant so any normal guilt we would feel about making him our pick is out the window. He also seems to be up to some questionable scheduling tactics based on the timing of the BU game at UConn(3 pm start after BU plays at 7 the night before and UConn plays at 2) which makes us feel less bad about this. UConn will struggle in HE this year and we will be the first to start the fire Cav movement.

                                                 Joseph Wiser/ Ai Wire

(Worst) Player of the Year- Thomas DiPauli(ND)

-Di Pauli was supposed to be a be a solid recruit for the Fighting Irish but has put up a solid 17 points in 2 seasons in South Bend. The Washington Capitals draft pick has struggled to put up points as a drafted forward which makes one wonder what his actualy purpose on the ice is. We expect more of the same this year for Di Pauli in South Bend. What an overrated duster.

(Worst) Rookie of the Year- Teddy McCarran(Merrimack)

-McCarran is another stud freshman for Merrimack as he put up less than .6 points per game in the USPHL last season. It is really difficult to expect anything less than the usual 8-10 points freshman campaign from these types of recruits at Merrimack. He will take a lot of shots but score very little and generate very little offense with little to no skating ability.

(Biggest) Goon of the Year- Steve Santini (BC)

- BC fans will praise Santini as a hard hitting dman who plays the game the right way but really all that means is that he doesn't typically flop like the rest of his team. Santini only had 52 penalty minutes last year but I would expect those numbers to grow this year as he sees more ice time and therefore takes more high cheap shots at his opponents.

Forwards- Thomas DiPauli(ND), Matthew Gaudreau (BC), Jay Camper (UNH),*Nick Gordon(UML golf team -left the hockey team in January of 2014)
Defensemen- Craig Wyszomirski(Merrihack), Noah Hanfin (BC)
Goalie- Casey Desmith(suspended from UNH)

Bonus Award

(Worst) Reporter  Tweeter of the Year-  BC Hockey Blog

- If you follow him on twitter, you know why this is a pretty safe selection. Just throw reports out there and then delete the tweets later. BC Interruption is always a dark horse as well.

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  1. Nick Gordon is no longer a member of the Lowell Hockey team, he had substantial lingering back issues and left the team in January of this year (and joined the UML golf team).