Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hockey East Officiating Regular Season Stats

Welcome to this year's Hockey East officiating stats post. Contrary to popular belief, Hockey East refs really aren't that bad. There are a few who should do less games/be fired but that will the case with any league.  The league's penalty minutes called have steadily dropped in the time since last season and the numbers here will prove that. They have also dropped since the first half. This is all a great sign if you are a Hockey East fan as I haven't heard a single person call for more penalties. Granted if the refs put BU on the powerplay a few more times, they may have gone undefeated(Penalty minutes were 140-129 against BU this regular season).

Obviously, this isn't a flawless way to track penalties called by each individual ref but the average over the course of the year gives a decent indicator of which refs call the most penalties.

Hockey East Refs-Average 20.1 pms/game, -3.54 penalty minutes/game from 2013-2014 season
* If you include the two line brawls (BC/MC, MC/UNH), the average goes up to 20.68 but it is still a significant drop.

1. Cameron Voss- 24.0 pms/game, -1.9, 25 games- Voss had a rough first half to say the least as I outlined in my first half review but he really seemed to try to improve in the second half of the year. He made a GREAT call in the overtime of the Beanpot final to put BU on the powerplay in which they would win the game on. Northeastern fans are still whining over it but it was about as a clear of a call that you'll see in an OT game. Cameron Voss is a saint!

2.  Terrence Murphy- 23.36, N/A, 30 games. Murphy seemed to have a whistle happy year. Everytime he did a game, it was with a ref I didn't like(Shea,Voss) etc and then Murphy would steal the show and call more questionable penalties than his partner.

3. Thomas Fryer- 22.04 +3.1, 21 games.I honestly don't know if he did a BU game all year but he should drop his number of penalties called if he wants to stay out of the top 5. Also, A+ last name.

4.  Kevin Shea- 21.78,-8.62, 23 games. Now I went off on K. Shea last year in my review and for good reason. He was a shitty ref last year. Now this year, I don't think I went off on him once. He was second most improved which I think I am directly responsible for. He just needed a stern blog post centered about him. You're welcome for making you a better ref! You can thank me if you get any postseason games this year.

5. Curtis Marouelli- 21.33, N/A, 15 games. Story of this guy's year is that he sucked in the first half and then stopped getting as many games so he sucked less in the second half. He still is just not a good ref so the less games he works, the better.

6. Jack Millea- 20.93, -6.55, 30 games. Third most improved on the statsheet. Number one in our hearts. He just has that ref swag that you can't teach out there. That's why he got the most games of anyone this year in the league. With that said, he had a few questionable ones in the BC game at Agganis so there is always room for improvement especially in BC BU games.
7. The other,less good Quinn- 20.75, -4.93, 8 games. He is ugly compared to David Quinn. That is all. *Don't even know what he looks like.

8. Tim Benedetto-20.68, +.18,  22 games. Besides Timmy's obvious love for BC, he had a decent year. The amount of penalties he called stayed roughly the same but he still is just so fun to hate. Good job contributing nothing to the improvements the league made a whole this year Tim!
P.S. If BU is in the HE championship game again, remember to "intend to blow" the whistle right before the other team scores. Thanks.

9. Kevin Keenan- 20.53, -1.05, 25 games. Brought his numbers down but nowhere near the league average. He should probably work on that.

10.  Scott Hansen- 20.42, -.22, 26 games. Scott Hansen is one of the refs I don't dread getting for a BU game as he generally calls a fair game. He did call the very questionable crease violation against Northeastern but I'll let that slide this time.

11. Bob Ritchie-19.72, N/A, 11 games. Yawn. Don't know who this guy is.

12. John Gravallese-19.41, -1.19, 22 games. No issues with Grav this year but Jeff Jackson may disagree after he called a penalty on an ND guy who wasn't even in contact with anyone. I really wonder how he defended the call when they showed the replay.

13. Dave Hansen- 19.41,+2.8 , 12 games- His numbers went up and he tied with Grav. Boom roasted.

14. Geoff Miller- 18.88, -7.97, 17 games- Him and partner Ryan Hersey made huge strides this year to improve their ref corsi (Yeah I know it doesn't make sense. Just go with it).

15. Tim Low-18.76, +.76,  13 games. T. Low is just such a baller name that he could make almost any call and I wouldn't get too mad at him. With that said, that crease violation against Northeastern dropped him down just a peg.

16.  Ryan Hersey - 18.09, -9.37, 21 games. See Miller since they are basically the same person and do almost all their games together. Great improvement from these two this year.

17. Jon Bunyon-18.04, -2.99, 25 games . I'll never forgive him for how bad he was against Maine during a 2012 series but good for him for sucking less and bringing his numbers down.

18. Chris Federico- 18, -2, 4 games. He is the Northeastern of refs. Irrelevant.

19.  CJ Hanafin- 17.666, N/A, 9 games. He is bound to regress if he did more games

20. Andy O'Brien- 14.81, N/A, 11 games. I think O'Brien did one BU game this year and didn't screw them over so good job Andy!

21. Hughes -12.75, N/A, 8 games. I'm too lazy to even look up this guys first name so that makes him the Alabama Huntsville of refs.

22. Chris Millea- 6, N/A, 1 game. Millea absolutely killed it in his one game in the pumpkins. Granted it was an exhibition game where BU was basically not allowed to check but he still did an A+ job.

Top Linesmen
1a. Chis Millea- Our clear cut #1 came back to the pack this year with the controversial icing call against UNH. Falls back into a tie with the liney named after the finest liquor store of Allston/Brighton.
1b. Brendan Blanchard
3. Everybody else

Now the reaction to the post is probably going to be 1. You have no life and 2. You couldn't do a better job than these refs. Both are accurate statements but I want to atleast have some data to back me up when I complain about the officials.


  1. do you mean Bob Richie? I don't think there's a Kevin Richie

  2. Also, how is Bob Bernard not #1? he's the greatest linesman of all time.

  3. Are you Bob Bernard speaking in the third person? Silly bob