Wednesday, June 24, 2015

NHL Draft Preview

The much anticipated 2015 NHL draft will take place this weekend in Florida where our boy Jack Eichel will be one of the top two picks. A lot of dumb Canadians are saying overrated CHL phenom Connor McDavid will go #1 overall and he probably will but that is more of a reflection of how dumb Edmonton management is than anything else. There are plenty of BU incoming freshmen and current players that have a chance to be drafted this weekend. The first round is Friday night with rounds 2-7 coming on Saturday starting at 10:00am.

Top BU Prospects
1. Jack Eichel- Top 2 overall pick
2. Jordan Greenway-1-2nd round
3. Jacob Forsbacka-Karlsson- 2-3rd round
4. AJ Greer- 2-4th round
5. Johnny McDermott(2016)- 4th-6th round
6. Brien Diffley-5-7th round
7. Robert Carpenter-6th-7th round

These 6 prospects are only a fraction of the great job Quinn and Co have done in the past two years on the recruiting trail as they look likely to have 2-3 first round picks in next year's draft as well as possibly top 10 picks in the following two drafts.

Jack Eichel told that he has a pretty good idea of what he will do regarding going pro or returning college and will make a decision quickly following the draft. He really can't go wrong either way. The benefits of the NHL are obvious but everything indicates that Eichel is also seriously considering returning to school for a second season. As a BU fan, you obviously are hoping that he returns to Comm. Ave but he certainly can't be faulted for turning pro and if anyone says anything negative about his decision either way, they will feel the full wrath of BSRS.

The 2015-2016 schedule also was released this week.There are going to be some great non conference games at Agganis this year including Michigan, Denver, and Wisconsin Bentley. The Connecicut away trip to Yale and Quinnipiac along with Red Hot Hockey vs Cornell at Madison Square Garden are also highlight of the schedule along with the rest of the usual Hockey East foes including BC, PC, Lowell and the rest of the teams that suck. The only time the team will get on a plane will be the last weekend of the regular season when they travel to South Bend.

Official BSRS BU Fans NHL Draft Drinking Game Rules(21+ only)

1. If a BU player/prospect is drafted, finish your drink
2. If a BC player/prospect is drafted, finish your drink but don't enjoy it
3. If Eichel or McDavid are mentioned take a drink(rounds 2-7 only unless you have a death wish)
4. If Hanafin is mentioned, do not drink for 30 seconds because he isn't worth it
5. If a UMass player is drafted , take a shot
6. If a Merrimack player is drafted, finalize your will because the world is ending
7. If the phrase college hockey or NCAA is said, take a drink
8. If major junior or CHL is mentioned, do not drink for 30 seconds
9. If David Quinn is shown on TV, finish your drink
10. Shotgun one beer for every top 2 pick drafted from BU
11. If a Northeastern player is drafted, grab a cheap beer and then right before you open it, decommit and drink a much nicer beer.
12. If a Michigan player, is drafted curse out one piece of technology in the room as you drink.
13. If a North Dakota player is drafted, thank Obama and then drink

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  1. And the beautiful thing, for us BU fanatics, is that McAvoy, MacTavish, Letunov, Hickey, Piccinich and O'Regan aren't even included in the above list.