Tuesday, September 29, 2015

2015-2016 Pre-season Hockey LEast Awards

(Worst) Coach of the Year- Red Gendron(Maine)- Gendron is taking a very bad team that lost in the HE First round and taking away their best two players(Shore and Hutton) while adding a bunch of overage freshmen who don't seem ready to contribute right away. It could be a very very long year in Orono unless they get lucky with the freshmen class. The popular move right now is to hammer on UMass with their players getting arrested and them coming off a last place finish but they atleast can score some goals and I think that and some good freshmen D give them an edge over lowly Maine.

(Worst) Player of the Year- Kyle Huson(UConn)- Huson is just straight up not good. He recorded a good ole goosegg stat line(0-0-0) in 34 games last year. No goals no assists no talent. Boom roasted. Seriously though, if you play in 34 games, you should probably mix in an assist atleast.

(Worst) Rookie of the Year- Vincent Desharnais(PC)-This Quebec native defenseman arrives at Providence after a stellar 1-4-5 line in the BCHL. Based on last year's production from freshmen defensemen (only 7 of them) Desharnais is projected for a stellar 1.06 points this season. I could line up for the lowest scoring team in the league and put up 2 points on luck just throwing the puck at the net. Providence was third in the league last year so it will be even more embarrassing when Desharnais is involved in .813% of their goals this year. That's not good no matter how you play the game so don't give me the he is a defensive defensman BS. He is ranked by CSS as a potential late round draft pick which is most likely related to his 6'6" frame but I ain't buyin'. This kid is going to suck.

(Biggest) Goon of the Year-Steve Santini(BC)- Santini is a goon no matter how BC fans may try to spin it.  What's funny is that he is an injury prone goon who ends up hurting himself and missing large chunks of time. This should provide some great comedy on the bad end of Comm Ave this year since they only have three D-1 dmen with any collegiate experience. If/When Santini goes down, BC should just play 5 forwards at all times and try to win 12-11. BC fans will defense him by saying his penalty minutes are low but that's due mostly to injuries. Give him a full season and he is due for atleast two game misconducts.

Hockey Least First Team

Forwards- Bracco(BC), Wood(BC), Tuch(BC)
Defensemen- Santini(BC) McCoshen(BC)
Goalie- Henry Dill (UMass)

Hocket Least Second Team

Forwards- Jack Musil(Maine), Anthony Petrella(UMass), Sam Kurker(Northeastern)
Defensemen- Tommy Panico(Lowell), Aaron Titcomb(Merrimack)
Goalie- Thatcher Demko(BC)

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