Wednesday, November 25, 2015

BU takes 2 of the last 3

The BU Terriers took 2 of their 3 games over the weekend to improve to 7-4-2 on the season heading into Thanksgiving. The Terriers found a way to overcome a slow first two periods Friday night to come back from 2-0 down to beat Michigan 3-2. They could not overcome another slow start on Saturday as the fell to the Wolverines in a game that was never all that close. The Terriers certainly were content to get a win out of the weekend where they really only played well for one period with that being the third period Friday night. They continue to find ways to win when they are not at their best or things aren't going their way. That includes some bad officiating last weekend vs PC and some of their own poor play this past weekend vs Michigan. The positives to take from the weekend as a BU fan is certainly the fight this team shows and mental toughness. As we all learned last year, it's about preparing yourself to win trophies throughout the regular season and the more different types of games you can win, the better off you are coming down the stretch.

BU would then win a different type of game last night as they dominated, humiliated, and beat up on little poor Bentley. You almost feel bad for a team that gets shutout 3-0 and outshot 47-15 until you remember that they beat BU two years ago and then you don't feel bad at all. They got what they deserved last night and that was their lunch handed to them by a better team. BU got goals from senior Danny O'Regan who is quietly having a great year(17 points in 13 games), junior Doyle Somerby(who also had the GWG on Friday night vs Michigan) and freshman JFK who has been excellent so far as a Terrier and should be a serious candidate for HE Rookie of the Year. There are obviously other candidates as well but no other freshman has been productive as him against as tough of a schedule as BU's. White and Wood are scoring on traffic cones for BC and Letunov and Thompson have put up points against the likes of Arizona State and Huntsville but not Army because they got shutout.

Heading into RHH this weekend, there is no reason not to feel confident as a BU fan. The Terriers have played some tough opponents and come out on the good end of most of those matchups. The tough schedule will continue with Cornell this weekend before finishing the first half against UVM, Yale and Quinnipiac. This team will definitely be battle tested before the second half of the season even begins. They could easily have 12-14 losses come March just based on their schedule but also be the most tested team in the nation and ready to make a deep run into the NCAA's once again. You just need to get into the tournament and then use that experience from throughout the year. They won't be playing anyone they haven't faced before come tournament time as they have or will play 11 of the other 16 top teams in the country. They probably won't have the win loss record that BC or Lowell have but they will be the most prepared for postseason hockey.

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