Friday, March 11, 2016

Weekend Preview :Why are Lowell fans so stupid?

The BU Terriers will face the Lowell Riverhawks in the best college hockey matchup of the weekend. This Hockey East Quarterfinal round between the 4 and 5 seed of the conference is easily the best matchup in the conference this weekend. The only other series that will be even remotely interesting Northeastern at Notre Dame because of their good history in South Bend(3-2-1 vs ND over the past three seasons). Providence and BC should take care of their series rather easily but then again both choked away QF series a year ago so anything is possible there. 

The Terriers face a rested Lowell team who did not play last weekend as BU toyed with and eventually defeated UMass in a Hockey East first round series. Lowell fans and Hockey East fans in general are trying to point to BU's lack of domination as a point of weakness going into this weekend but they are just grasping at straws. Yes, BU could have played better which I'm sure coach David Quinn has driven home this week in practice. They do have to play better than last weekend to beat Lowell but it is also extremely easy to not play a full hockey game against UMass with how bad they are. Every writer, fan, living being in the world knew BU would beat UMass last weekend. Even the drug dealers in Lowell knew BU would beat UMass and they were high for the entire college hockey schedule this season. It is tough to get motivated for a game like that with no students on campus in fairly empty rink. They were still +26 in shots on goal for the weekend but certainly are capable of playing better.

The Terriers split with Lowell this year with the home team taking each game in their home and home in February. Lowell fans have been awfully edgy already this week with a blog coming out of a three year retirement just to talk about this series and fans on USCHO boards saying we are embarrassing ourselves by bashing Lowell. Now us at BSRS do plenty to embarrass ourselves on a fairly regular basis. Like maybe point out how I wrote 1500 words about the Hockey East officiating earlier this week? That's something that I should probably be embarrassed about(but I'm not). Now, we haven't heard much from Lowell fans since the famous Lowell Sun article last year calling the computer formulas stupid because they didn't get Lowell into the NCAA tournament. Based on this week, Lowell fans should go back to not saying much because speaking of embarrassments they have said some doozies this week. 

The above mentioned blog tried to insult BU coach David Quinn by saying  "Devoid of his top talent, Quinn has doubled down on the only strategy he knows: get the best players in the country to commit to BU and pray to God it works on the ice". So the knock on Quinn is that he recruits the best players he can to replace the great players that leave? I will take that "insult" at my head coach anyday. They go on to say they don't even know if he is a good coach because his recruiting is so good but he will probably leave for a NHL job eventually. If he gets offered a NHL job, I think this would mean he is a good coach? I personally don't think he wants to leave for the NHL but I would agree that could happen at somepoint. I'm not close with Coach Quinn. I have no idea how he feels about being a NHL head coach someday. If he does leave for a NHL job, I would be happy for him and know that BU would get another great coach to try to replace him. The real head scratcher is why would he would get offered a NHL job if he isn't even a good coach? Are Lowell fans calling NHL GM's stupid? If that isn't exhibit A of "don't throw stones from glass houses", then I don't know what is. In reality, Lowell fans are just nervous that their coach will take a NHL job and want to leave Lowell. Great upgrade in quality of life for him if he does. 

All of this stupidity coming from the t-156 th best university in the country (only trailing Dartmouth and Amherst in the UMass system!) is certainly interesting after a year of relatively little chatter from the armpit of Massachusetts. You may be asking yourself "Why now?". The answer is relatively simple. Lowell fans are insecure about their team(probably also their pathetic lives) and they see an opportunity to try to knock off the defending Hockey East champs. Their only glimmer of hope is that they are a strong home ice team and they "played BU close" in the Hockey East championship. First, they did not play BU close. They never lead and were within one goal for less than half of the game. That is not a close hockey game. Try again. Second, yes Lowell is a good home team.Will that matter in a three game playoff series? Maybe but maybe not. The rink is the same size as Agganis and the schools are 30 minutes apart. I realize maybe Lowell is more comfortable at home but I don't think home ice plays a big factor in the outcome of this series. The game tonight on NESN in front of what should be the biggest crowd gathered in Lowell since the Trump rally a few months ago! The average IQ should sky rocket with the BU fans in attendance though. You're welcome Lowell. 

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