Thursday, June 22, 2017

NHL Draft Preview/Drinking Game

The NHL draft takes place this weekend in Chicago and as usual Boston University is expected to have numerous picks in the first round and 5-6 picks throughout the course of the draft. Rising sophomore goalie Jake Oettinger, who will probably get robbed of the Richter this year because dumb people love Joe Woll even though Oettinger is the better goalie in every statistical category, is expected to be a late first round pick. Shane Bowers, an incoming freshman, is also expected to be a late first round pick. The other expected draft picks for the Terriers include defensemen David Farrance(3rd-4th), Cam Crotty(3rd-5th) and Kasper Kotkansalo(3rd-5th). When these three are drafted BU will have 7 defensemen drafted by NHL teams on their roster which is more than the Bruins currently have on their roster(6). There is also a strong chance all seven of these picks are drafted in the 5th round or higher.

This good news came out tonight of Chestnut Hill as top BC recruit/their only good recruit was reportedly denied admission to the University. Tolvanen will have his options as soon as he is drafted which will include the AHL, CHL, and transferring to another school such as UConn or UMass which traditionally have lower admission standards(see Letunov, Maxim).  Tolvanen is expected to be a mid first round pick tomorrow night. 

Now to why you clicked on this post: 

The Official #BUTwitter NHL Draft Drinking Game

If a player from each school is drafted, complete the drinking challenge associated with that school

1. BU- Finish your drink/ shotgun a beer

2. BC- a)Drink a glass of dessert wine because if that happens it won't be until the end of the draft

b) take a shot for each player that is drafted after previously committing to BC but later decomitting

3.  Lowell- Decide what beer you want, wait two years and then drink it once its overaged/skunked while putting your arm up for an offsides that didn't happen like a true Lowell fan

4. PC- Take a drink and then complain that someone else's drinking technique was  "as bad as you have seen"

Nate Leaman said he hopes Hockey East takes initiative in reviewing McAvoy head hit on Tanev. 'That was as bad as I've seen,' he said.

5. UMass- Take a shot of Maker's Makars Mark

6. Merrimack- Take as many shots as you can #Corsi

7. NU- Take a nice beer then put it back(decommit from it) and drink a shitty beer

8. UConn- take one drink but tell everyone you had the most drinks of everyone in Hockey East

9. Maine- Drink a Stroh’s since it was popular in the 90’s but barely exists now

10. UNH- Fail at throwing a goldfish on the floor then take a drink

11. UVM- take a drink and then kick someone off the couch that you invited there last year for someone who isn’t any better this year

We will be tweeting throughout the first round(most likely pictures of our empties) so please join in and

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