Saturday, March 27, 2010

AL East Report

So we all here at Bay State (Road) Sports have a favorite team from the AL East. I will be providing information on all AL East teams each week starting off with the Yankees vs. Red Sox on April 4th. So check in every Monday afternoon for a weekly report about the teams.

My predictions for 2010 season:
1. Yankees- just came off the World Series and got better players this off season.
2. Red Sox (Wild Card Winner)- have arguably the best pitching staff in the majors.
3. Rays- strong team but won't get it done against the usual powerhouses in the North.
4. Blue Jays- not a bad team at all but losing Doc as the number 1 starter isn't good.
5. Orioles- have good young players(i.e. Wieters) but still have a long way to come.

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