Saturday, March 27, 2010

Elite 8 Picks

Not that my Sweet Sixteen picks were worth anything to anybody but just for shits and giggles here are my Elite 8 picks...

No. 5 Butler v. No 2 Kansas State
- Since KU disgraced the state of Kansas by bowing out early, KU is on a mission. One team from Kansas has to make it to the final four, right?
The Pick - Kansas State

No. 2 West Virginia v. No. 1 Kentucky
- The other three of my final four picks are gone. Might as well go for the sweep. Plus Da'Sean Butler still owns you!
The Pick - West Virginia

No. 6 Tennessee v. No. No. 5 Michigan State
- Ok ok, so I was wrong about MSU without Kalin Lucas last round. But this time I'm definitely right - Bruce Pearl and his headband donning crew are taking it down!
The Pick - Tennessee

No. 3 Baylor v. No. 1 Duke
-I'll literally pick any team over Duke. Any team, any time.
The Pick - Baylor

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