Thursday, April 29, 2010

"The Hooded One" sends a hoodie to his baseball counterpart

Bill Belichick aka "The Hooded One" has sent a gift to his baseball counterpart, Joe Maddon. Maddon, the manager of the Tampa Rays, received a personalized Patriots hoodie in the mail from the New England coach. The jacket Belichick sent Maddon has "J.M." on the front.

Maddon was impressed with the gift as the two have seemed to grow close with their hoodie obsession. Maddon said he planned to send Belichick one in return.

Earlier this month, MLB said Maddon and other managers and coaches could only wear approved jerseys or outerwear. A few days later, baseball reversed the ruling.

In more important news, the Sox won 2-0 tonight behind 7 innings of one-hit ball by Jon Lester who finally got his head out of his ass and pitched like the pitcher I drafted in my fantasy baseball league should. Darnell McDonald had an RBI and a run scored. Paps came in to seal the deal and get the Sox to .500 with their sweep of Toronto.

Sox called up veteran Alan Embree before the game to help the bullpen and prevent him from opting out of his contract on Friday.

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