Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Notre Dame Hockey Frosh Are Boozebags Too!

Not to be outdone by their Catholic school brethren at the outhouse on the hill, Notre Dame Icerish freshmen Riley Sheahan and Kyle Palmieri were arrested for public intoxication on Sunday. And by public intoxication I mean standing in the back of a moving pickup truck and blowing a .10 and .12 respectively. And oh yeah, Palmieri apparently also attempted to wrestle himself away from the cops who were attempting to arrest him while trying to get at one of their tasers. BADASS!!

Even Notre Dame kids are better at drunken debauchery than you, BC. Take note Parker Milner: you don't just toss away your beer, abandon your buds and run off to the hospital when you think you're gonna get tagged by the cops. No, you try to wrestle them and steal their taser first before ultimately running for the hills. At least try to get a good story out of it or make a show for your less belligerent friends to enjoy. Point to Notre Dame. Once again, BC shows that their real name oughta be Bushleague College.

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