Tuesday, May 25, 2010

2014 Super Bowl In New York Just Announced

The owners of the NFL recently just voted to have the 48th Super Bowl at the Meadowlands Complex that just opened a few months ago. This will be the first cold weather Super Bowl ever and the first for New York. The Commissioner recently also allowed the bid and do away with the 50 degrees Fahrenheit rule.

I very glad about this for numerous reasons:
1. I am New York City area dweller aka a NY Jets fan
2. Most of the time games are played out in the cold and raining shitty weather so might as well let it happen (experiment) in NY(NJ) b/c of the 2 teams located there and the NFL main office is located in NYC.
3. Some of the greatest games ever played were out in the shitty weather.
Pats vs Raiders: Tuck Rule Game
The Ice Bowl
Giants vs. Packers NFC Champions in 2007
The Mud Bowl
The list goes on and on.
IF you are true fan for football you would be happy for this. If you live in Boston/ Providence area the gates were just opened for a future Super Bowl at Foxboro, if you are Redskin fan, or even a Bills fan. Dont get me wrong I would hate to see a game decided by a field goal with winds in the 40 mph range but Most of the NFL games including playoff games are held outside in cold weather.

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