Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Completely Unrelated Stories

Yeah, a couple things to talk about today...

1.) I was half right about the Celtics last night. The Magic did come out playing hard, and the did have some dirty fouls in the second half (that's directed at that punk bitch Dwight Howard). Unfortunately, the Magic didn't fold as predicted in the second half, and instead actually played like an NBA basketball team last night.  Am I worried? Not for a second. If the Celtics don't blow them out down in Orlando, they will absolutely demolish them back in Boston for Game 6. Take that to the bank. Also I've been saying this for a long time but I don't think I ever made a point of writing it on here - Dwight Howard is not even a remotely skilled basketball player. In fact, anybody with his size would score as many points as he does in games. Every highlight they have of Dwight Howard is him dunking on a guy a foot shorter than him. Congratulations, Dwight. You are the 4th grader who can dominate all the 1st graders at recess. When he actually has to make an athletic, skill-intensive play around the basket, he winds up looking like the guy from Along Came Polly ("MAKE IT RAIN"). Plus he got blocked by Glen "The Ticket Stub" Davis last night. Enough Said.

2.) The Super Bowl being in New York is a joke. The only reason the Meadowlands was picked is because of it's proximity to NYC. You think anybody wants to go to New Jersey to watch a football game in February? Guess again. The only people this is good for are the people of New York/New Jersey and the promoters at the NFL. Now they can be be like oohhhh the Super Bowl in the Big Apple ohhhhh. Big Deal. If Gillette Stadium was closer to Boston, they could make a push for it to be there too. But guess what? It would still suck. Anybody who has been to a Patriots game in the winter knows it sucks to be sitting out there when it's 5 degrees and -100 with the wind chill. And if it snows then the game will be favorable to a team that plays regularly in snow, where as a dome or at least decent weather plays favorably for both teams.  This decision by the NFL sucks and I think we will see them revert back to the 50 degree rule after 2014.

3.) I don't even have a third point. It's too damn hot.

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