Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Latest In The Saponari Scandal: Controversial Lyrics Exposed

Thanks to Two Man Advantage, here are the lyrics to the now-infamous Party Like A Puckstar rap. I only post them because I assume this is everyone's first chance to see and I can't imagine anyone being able to watch to the awful fucking video itself. I saw Vincenzo still on campus today and just wanted to say GTFO of BU. As a fellow scholarship student here, I feel that I can rightfully say, if you couldn't live up to the terms of that gift you received, then just go. I feel better about next year's team this way, knowing that effort was such a huge component of our struggles recently.

"Party Like a Puckstar"
Vinny Saponari and Corey Trivino

Party like a puck
Party like a puckstar (X4)

I’m on a bitch bangin’ mission
And I score like an all-star
I’m wheelin down the wing
Just lookin for the back but
You know broads be at my game
Grabbin’ for my cup
And don’t even even know their names
That’s fine cuz they got no ____
I do like I do cuz I’m always in the spotlight
Step aside hoes if you don’t keep your mid tight
Just like kenna hoffer they fine and they mine bro
When I’m at the place I party like a puck star

Party like a puck
Party like a puckstar (X8)

Party like a puckstar
Do it with the red and the white like a Terrier
(Shoot Shoot)
Me and my team man
On the boat with fuckin’ glass man
Crushin’ soda cans
Shit you know me
Wear that V-Neck and gold chain
Bay State Puck Stars
Yeah we bout to make it rain (make it rain?)
You know that I’m a menace
I fuck bitches every night
At Agganis

Party like a puck
Party like a puckstar (X8)
(sniper man)

Soon as I touch the ice
Fans knew a star had come
See me on Bay State
I’ll make your pussy nut
You see my goal number one
Sportscenter yeah puckstar mentality
I point to the glass just to see who’s tryin to marry me
Students tryin to cop at me
When they see me all crowd around
Wheels make em spin quick like a merry go round
Yeah with my roommate
You know what we do
Stayin up late just to scream
Fuck you!

Go Terriers, amirite?

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