Friday, May 7, 2010

Multiple Hockey Players Drinking on St. Patty's Day...Shocker

According to The Daily Free Press , between 13 - 15 BU hockey players, including freshman and a current Captain, were drinking late into the night on St. Patty's Day. Are people surprised by this? St. Patty's Day in Boston is a huge drinking holiday, especially for college kids. Clearly members of the team were gonna be drinking. If Parker himself was shocked by that then he should wake the hell up. College kids drink (except for me, Mom) and clearly hockey players would do no different. Especially considering most of them probably weren't going to class that day or the next anyways, let's be serious.

Before people start calling for more suspensions and discipline, the FreeP article goes on to say that the St. Patty's Day drinking episode led to mandatory team bike rides. These bike rides apparently were held on Saturday or Sunday mornings until April 24. The reason the Saponaris and Trivino were punished is because Victor Saponari skipped a bike ride (which Parker originally said would result in immediate dismissal), and Vinny and Trivino showed up very late to a ride, practically as the ride was ending. Now there are no excuses for what the Saponaris and Trivino did, as the other players stepped up and accepted their punishment. Maybe if they had acted responsibly they would still be on the team/unpunished...

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