Friday, May 7, 2010

Pretty Much What I Wanted To Say

BU's one and only Hot Dog captures my feelings about the BU Hockey team right now pretty well...

There is definitely a sense of entitlement that the hockey players carry and by all means after winning a National Championship I can sympathize. But this kind of takes it to a different level. I mean, I am going to hold a real grudge as long as this group of players is donning the scarlet and white. Until an entire new set of players comes through it'll be hard to give the same support I gave once in my life. Hockey doesn't seem to have been the primary priority for players who were brought to this school to focus intently on one thing and one thing alone. Let's compare high school transcripts and we'll see if you could've made it without're here for hockey, start acting like you give a s&*t.

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