Wednesday, May 26, 2010

World Cup Preview 1

Hey ya'll! I am going to be giving you a little preview of the World Cup coming up in June. It is the biggest sporting event in world, hands down. It pales in comparison to the Super Bowl, World Series etc. The only sporting event that might have as much power is the Olympics. It is viewed by over a billion people, fucking awesome.
So I am going to be going down each group here starting with Group A and the host country, South Africa. This group is extremely strong with the host country, which has never been eliminated in the opening group stage, South Africa and France who got into the World Cup on a hand ball. You also have the a South American giant in Uruguay and of course Mexico. I will tell you right now, I hate Mexico and there TRI COLOR, those fucking assholes. I like France to win the group and South africa to get 2nd place.

Players to Watch:
Diego Forlan ( Uruguay/striker): This guy plays for Athletico Madrid who just won the UEFA Cup against Fulham. Very strong player especially with play-makers around him.
Hugo Lloris (France/goalie): Had one of the best goalkeeper performances this whole year, played out of this world, wanted by every top club in Europe. He is going to show his promise with this years World Cup.

Biggest Match:
South Africa vs. Mexico: First Game of the Tournament and those South Africans are going to be crazy and I mean crazy. Like South Africa here.

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