Thursday, May 27, 2010

World Cup Preview 2

Back again with World Cup Preview 2. Group B has hands down the best player in the World right now, Lionel Messi for Argentina. This group seems somewhat weak with only Argentina as the powerhouse known team but do not turn your heads on Greece who won Euro 2004, and South Korea who made a run at the Cup in 2002 on their home soil. Also Nigeria has some world class talent too. This is an intriguing group and I am going to predict Argentina the winner of the group with South Korea in 2nd to advance to the next round.

Players to Watch for:

Lionel Messi(Argentina/ striker): this guy is brilliant, a goal scoring machine for FC Barcelona and is just awe inspiring, predicting that he will have a great tournament with his other superstar strikers around him. This is his best goal ever.

Ji-sung Park
(South Korea/Midfielder): this guy runs and runs and runs and never gives up. He is a playmaker, he can create opportunities for other players so they can score. Hands down one of the best Asian futbol players out there in the world.

Game to Look out for: Argentina vs. Greece: Greece plays solid defense with counter-attacking and Argentina plays beautiful futbol aka they score for the fun of it. Like a draw here.

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