Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Galarraga loses perfect game on blown call by Joyce

This is bullshit. Umpire Jim Joyce blew this kid a perfect game. This is why baseball needs instant replay. I don't give a fuck about the soul of the game. The calls need to be right. Tonight just is another example why football is better than baseball. Football gets the calls right. Baseball counts on a 60 year old dude's judgment. The kid handled it better than anyone could. Just smiles and shrugs it off while his team goes crazy. To give Joyce credit, he did admit he was wrong and apologize to Galarraga after the game. It is just dumb that everyone knows it was the wrong call yet replays can't be used to change it. Just another flaw with the MLB but still better than the rigged NBA. Bet anyone 100 bucks the Finals go six games minimum. Makes the league more money and publicity that way.

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