Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lebron is trying to outshadow the NBA Finals...shocker

So the NBA is getting what it wants now...Lebron vs. Kobe. LeBron timely held his first interview recently with CNN's Larry King. He talked about his upcoming free agency and "gives Cleveland an edge". Well thats good. It isn't like the city is begging you to come back or anything because they think you can bring them to the promise land. The city would be better off with Bosh and Wade or Wade and Boozer. The city is too pathetic to realize this so LeBron will just continue to try to take attention away from the Finals and Kobe time. Kobe needs time to get his attention about how he is going to try to beat the Celtics by himself and Vegas agrees with him putting the Lakers as the favorite. The next month is going to be a battle between the two not on the court,where it should be, but off it to see who can make more headline news by talking about how great they are. Here is a video of each little bitch in prime form

P.S. Go Soderling. Stop living in the past. Soderling man-handled Federer. Get over it.

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