Wednesday, July 14, 2010

T.O. wants to join Pats?..... I'll pass

According to an interview with Terrell 'T.O.' Owens today, he would be open to playing for the Patriots in the coming season. T.O. compared himself to LeBron James and said he would take a lesser role and less money to play with the Pats in the coming season.

T.O. had me thinking until the LeBron reference. Like come on man. LeBron is villain number one in all of America besides in southern Florida. The Pats don't need you. We brought in veteran receviers (Torry Holt, David Patten) who are model citizens not trouble-makers. We brought in Randy Moss already because he was actually good. T.O. is a washed up schmuck. We don't need another bad character guy to worry about. T.O. just thinks this could get him a ring in New England. He can take his celebrations and antics to Cincinnati when half the team is serving jail time by Week 6 anyway.

I am only tempted to give this signing my blessing if T.O. will stand up on the podium after a loss and be don't be mean to Tom. "He my quarterback. He my teemate(sniffle)."

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