Friday, July 16, 2010

Wade says LeBron didn't quit so it must be true

Dwayne Wade didn't take long to stick up for his new superstar teammate. Wade defended the NBA's two-time reigning MVP on Thursday, telling The Associated Press that James "didn't quit" on Cleveland during the playoffs. That was the accusation made by Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert last week, not long after James went on television to reveal he was leaving Cleveland for Miami.
Wade said he watched every game in Cleveland's second-round series against Boston, the team that eliminated the Heat in the opening round of the postseason. The Celtics used a similar defensive scheme against James as they did against Wade to open the playoffs, throwing a slew of challenges in the way of both.

Well what you expect Wade to say" "Hi, LeBron. Welcome to South Beach." Then throw him under the first bus that drives by(or whatever the public transportation is down there...rafts I think). Of course Wade has to say he didn't quit. He can't be honest about LeBron who clearly look disinterested at points in the series with the Celtics. When the games got tough, he got going. The kid is a punk who only enjoys the attention. He hasn't worked for a thing since fourth grade when he finally learned to read(or so we hope). Wade has to defend him to avoid conflict but there is no way he belives what he is saying. LeBron defended his poor play by saying the Cavs fans were "spoiled" by his behavior. haha yeah he is very modest. Just don't both DWade. It is a battle you can't win with the American public. The whole city of Cleveland is still backing their crazy owner and offering to pay the fine for him. You aren't going to find many supporters outside of South Beach. Even your mom will be rooting for her Delonte's Cavs. She must be especially happy today that Delonte pleaded guilty to weapons charges and will be allowed to travel to the team's away games this upcoming season despite his house arrest.

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