Monday, August 2, 2010

Puck Drop Draws Ever Closer... has begun to stir once again, heralding NCAA hockey around the corner with their yearly INCH A-Z series beginning with Princeton's Sr. F Matt Arhontas and UConn G Garrett Bartus. Yeah, I know it doesn't get much more irrelevant than UConn hockey, but hey, my corner of CT doesn't have a lot more going for it than the Huskies, so deal. And they are legit now, since they're playing their own roflcopter of an outdoor game against Sarcred Heart. Plus, INCH A-Z is a fantastic series anyway for getting acquainted with some of the players who will have the biggest impacts on their teams in the coming year (lots of HE players will be coming up, you can be certain of that).

Let the great scarlet redemption about 67 days

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