Monday, October 11, 2010

HE Weekend Rundown

Most of my suspicions about the conference this season seem to have been borne out by the weekend's results.

1) BC--good. even a 2-goal margin at Mathews is solid in one of the toughest barns in the league. A shutout is a shutout, week in and week out.

2)BU--good. We got the timely goals and the crash-the-net plays that were not at all hallmarks of last year's team. Plus the team proved it can play from behind against very good opposition. Defense will get better as players get more comfortable with the new system. And this was all without two potential first-line players!

3) UNH--better than I expected. Friday was rough, but Miami is one of the best teams ion the nation and playing them on the road is certainly no easy feat. Rebounding on Saturday to pick up the big win is definitely a great result to get out of the weekend.

4) Maine--Mixed. Following up an 8-2 win against UML by tying non-scholarship UConn 3-3. When this team doesn't score buckets of goals this year, I think they will struggle to win like that.

5) PC--beating another possible cellar team this year? A win's a win!

6) NU--Have to be disappointed to lose to a team they're likely fighting with for 8th place. Solid effort vs. BC though, maybe a sign of life for a team that may have a long year ahead

7) UMass--at least they stayed remotely competitive vs. Minnesota

8) UML--those are the breaks when Maine goes off on offense. They won't be the last team that happens to this year.

9) Vermont--Loss and a tie against Denver? When you're not in an upper-echelon year, you take it and be glad it wasn't a sweep.

My conference power rankings for the week and team schedules:
1) BC--a pair @ Denver
2) BU--home vs. UMass
3) UNH--home vs. Michigan
4) Maine--a pair @ Michigan State
5) Merrimack--home vs. UConn
7)Providence--a pair @ UM-Duluth
8) NU--vs. RPI
9) UML--@ Niagara, RIT
10) UMass--@BU

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