Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Patriots release RB Javarris James! ...oh yeah and Moss is going back to the Vikes


Who is the bigger story?
The Patriots released RB Javarris James today from the practice squad! Ok end of blog entry. That is it. Oh wait...

Every fucking media outlet in the world is reporting Randy is getting traded to Minnesota if he works out an extension with the Vikes.This story has been getting major publicity on the national circuit all day long. It is a major move for a team coming off a 41-14 win on the road against a division opponent. Sadly, it makes too much sense from what we have seen from The Coach in the hood in the past. Days before 2003 opening day, releases Lawyer Milloy...Trades Deion Branch after he talks about his contract too much(2006)...Trades Richard Seymour entering the final year of his deal(2009). Belichick loves to deal veterans with expiring contracts which he deems to be getting good value. The Pats got first round picks for both player and expect the compensation to be the same if Moss is dealt.
It would be sad to see Randy go but it is time. It is either now or at the end of the year. He thinks the media hates him. He seems like a stoner out on the field sometimes. He was nothing more than a decoy Monday night dropping the only pass thrown at him. Moss has openly complained about his deal and has not done much on the field this season. He has three touchdowns but only 9 catches in four games which is not what the Patriots need out of him. I love Randy and his crazy man attitude but he has slowly become not much more than a decoy in this offense and I would deal him for a first round pick right now too. The timing is right. Going into a bye week in which you just got a special teams coach fired after scoring 21 points off of special teams and defense. Belichick will have explaining to do though. Moss may have been a decoy on most plays but teams respected that deep threat. Someone is going to need to pick up the slack there. Welker will miss Moss' prescence on the field if this deal goes through. So will Danny Woodhead, BJGE(Green-Ellis), Hernandez, and others. Brandon Tate or someone needs to step up as a deep threat for Tom Brady to stretch the field with and make defense respect it. Moss will be missed if he goes not only by the fans but the team and local weed dealers. Stay updated in the coming days to see if the deal goes through.

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