Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Moss Deal Official

According to a tweet by ESPN's Adam Schefter, the deal that would send disgruntled receiver Randy Moss back to the Vikings is complete. Reports about the deal have been flying since last night, but now the reports have been verified. What is surprising to me is that the Patriots will only be receiving a 3rd round pick for Moss - only a round better than what the Patriots gave up for Moss in 2007. One has to remember that the 2007 deal came as a result of the Raiders being fed up with Moss and vice-versa, which is why everybody speculated the Pats gave up so little for him. However, it would appear that now, in 2010, the Patriots should be getting a little better than a 3rd round pick from a likely playoff team. Anyways, if any other relevant details become official, you know where to read about it.

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