Sunday, November 7, 2010

BU and Maine Skate to a 2-2 Tie

BU needed an extra attacker goal with 1:21 left in the 3rd period to knot the game at 2, which is where it stayed even after a 5 minute overtime. BU was severely outplayed for most of the first and second periods, and it seemed that after a Jack Parker timeout with about 10 minutes left in the second was when the team really turned it on. That resulted in a Chris Connolly power play goal later in the second period to give BU a 1-0 lead. Maine came out firing in the 3rd period, however, and poured in two goals in the first few minutes of the stanza. BU didn't score again until the final two minutes, leading to our 2-2 tie.

Here are my post game comments, followed by videos of Coach Parker and Chris Connolly/Dave Warsofsky.

Kieran Millan continues to impress this season. He made 34 saves on 36 chances, and a lot of those saves were on the penalty kill or with very good scoring opportunities for Maine. He literally kept us in the game when we were getting outplayed (and out shot, it was like 17 to 3 at one point). If he can keep this up, he might carry us deep into the spring this season.

Our penalty killing was outstanding. Maine has easily one of the best powerplays in the country, and we kept them 0-6 last night. That includes two 5 on 3 penalty kills as well. Coach Parker and Co have to be proud of that.

Our defensive core has been pretty good tonight too. Adam Clendening played one of his best games here at BU (in my opinion), as did the rest of the D-men. That was really good to see for such a young set of guys.

I'm really going to have a heart attack if these types of games keep up. Ties and one goal games are killing me.

Charlie Coyle looked really, really good. He played very physically and made a lot of Maine defenders look silly up and down the ice. Plus, scoring that goal in the final minutes always helps as well.

The fact that BU might be the number one team in the country in this weeks polls makes me scratch my head a little. There's no doubt we have a talented team here, I just don't think there's any way we should be ranked that high. What can you do though.

The refereeing in last night's game left a little to be desired. There were a few calls that went against BU that seemed unnecessary, and it makes one wonder what might have been had those calls not gone against us.

That's all I've got for you. I'll have a quick Hockey East power ranking for you later. For now, here are the press conferences as promised.

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